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Not enough ships for the Atlantic and Med, let alone the Far East. Government should stop asking the impossible, and either buy more ships or reduce commitments.


There is talk that in exchange for keeping Albion, three frigates will be paid off. We shall see.


They are out of their minds!


Which is why I said we will see. It is too insane to be true.


The RN is short 4000 sailors which is one of the reasons Bulwark has to be mothballed while Albion is about. Keeping one of them doesn’t reduce its manning requirements which are the same as mothballing the other. The biggest problem for the RN is crew requirements and that of an Albion is several times more than a frigate, counting it’s marines you could man a whole squadron of frigates. If they are talking about postponing the Astute 7 for “manning issues” I doubt the Albions will stay. A 1000 Royal Marines will be made redundant as well to clear positions for more sailors to man the carriers.


Everything possible should be done to honour and speak well of the service the armed forces give to the country.


i wonder why we don’t utilize the commonwealth and few remaining gurkhas more in the british forces and after a time in the army so they are 100% up on english and to judge their character allow them to move over to the navy. this is also a way to get foreign currency to the poorest regions of the commonwealth


It has reduced the commitment to the gulf and it’s now rare to see a Frigate in the South Atlantic or Caribbean. But yes if the Navy could recruit up to its permitted numbers the mothballed ships would be very useful.


When I started supporting the RN there were over 100,000 personnel.


Again, the Royal Navy excelling with a very thinly spread fleet and minimal of resources. The constantly evolving threats from the East mean that the RN is needed more than ever to provide support and reassurance to the British citizens out there. Looking forward to the Queen Elizabeth carriers sailing out there – give China and North Korea something to think about.

Jude Binder

Shouldn’t the royal navy expand it ship numbers in order to fit the governments notion and idea of a “Global Britain” rather than being restricted to the Atlantic & Mediterranean waters ?. Though it seems to be that the government is blowing smoke

David Flandry

The RN cannot increase its ship numbers without more people to crew them. The entire defense budget is in fact a function of personnel numbers. Osbourne in 2010 determined the size of the armed forces by multiplying the defense budget by o.80.