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Adam Hiley

well done in showing up this vile governments treachery.the public will not stand for it
Cameron and his cronies must be forced out we must march don’t like labour either this government is still giving billions to the Dire EU Plus foreign aid.i am a UKIP Member look on the party website we resist?

david harris

how very very sad to see the decline of all our armed forces esp the royal navy scrap all the monie we give abroad in forighn aid and save the navy.send this picture to the press.

MV Harland

Yes, UKIP’s defence policy will be released soon. The RN will be rebuilt under a UKIP Government. Anything can,and will, happen at he next election. Believe it.

Dave Taskis

So true, I could weep. There were as many Dutch warships as RN ones in Devonport on Easter Saturday 2013. FOST busier earning revenue to offset the Treasury funding hole than training our Ships’ Companies.

Ian (brum) Pritchard

Tell you what just give the Tories a brain that would be a start,I served 22 years in the submarine service ,and now I’m really disgusted with the way the fat cats have changed the way it has been for years,oh and how many have served in any of the forces !!!!!!!!

AJ Haizelden

And so it ever was,,,after each period of intensive defence growth comes the decline.
How many Captains etc were on half pay between the Napoleonic wars? Ships were laid up and rotting at their berths.
After the World Wars there were huge reductions in manpower.

When I joined in the early seventies we were low paid, serving families were entitled to benefits it was so low. There were even rumours of a military coup. I think I joined as a revival occurred, things improved, seniority was respected and higher up knew the value of their men.

Then came the end of the Cold War and the “Peace Dividend” which was another term for defence cuts and plough the money into the NHS, Benefits system and politicians pockets-apologies but even moderates can succumb to bitterness.

After a first round of poorly thought out redundancies which saw anyone with the initiative to get on get out, the second round targeted those hapless individuals who had personality conflicts with authority or who had been over promoted because anyone who did not want promotion was looked at as not the right material, bang went another huge chunk of experience. This then left us with the “black hole” caused by them stopping recruitment at the same time. This travelled through the various ranks AB, LH, PO and CPO causing extended drafts increases in divorce rates and hardship throughout for the men and their families.
Work life balance became a mantra which initially brought results but withered on the vine as more “good ideas” came from above about cost cutting many of which had been tried before and those with any length of service could see where it would end.
It now appears that the Politicians want the RN run along the lines of industry and are getting their way, they should beware because the ethos of the forces is being eroded and people are looking at service as a job not a way of life. We have all seen civilian life were people drop a job when they judged the conditions or pay untenable, THIS IS HAPPENING NOW IN THE FORCES.
Once again experienced people are saying enough is enough and are walking.

As a rating I often wondered how the message was not filtering back up the chain of command, then it was pointed out that AS LONG AS A PERSONS CAREER depends upon them saying YES to ideas from above the message will be distorted. As long as Politicians dictate budgets and disregard the voices of experience that do speak out NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Defence spending should be set as part of a formula which would allow budget holders to know what was available. Take the pensions out of the budget and ring fence them with annuities which will guarantee them. Look at how Singapore manages it’s spending.

I know this will go nowhere so rant over.

Tim Dainton

Dear Save the Royal Navy,

Just to let you know we always ask permission to reproduce others material. And this is one we didn’t ask or reproduce.
But this is one instance we should have – Brilliant.

It really shows where the RN might end up unless somebody starts listening.

Fred Burke

Two oars?! What luxury is this? Winston was right: “The Royal Navy always travels first class.”