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Bobs Baradur

Well the Apache is 40 mph faster than a Swordfish, and climbs faster.
They just need a proper paint job.


Swordfish will probably be brought back, and outlast the Apache


I see that once again the British Army is a projectile to be fired by the Royal Navy. Fisher would be pleased.


As it is to be manned partly by US troops, I wonder when their helicopters start their testing?

Captain Nemo

I’m sure they’d love them to bring V22.

I wonder, whatever happened to helicopters carrying big anti-ship missiles?
If Merlin could carry NSM/JSM it might have proved a useful middle ground for Harpoon obsolescence.


WAH-64 Apache (Westland built Attack helicopter, named after the native american tribe for its stealthier approach to the enemy which is what the Apache tribe was known for) not AH-1. AH-1 is cobra we have never had that in the british army.


Yeah but … no but … my friend Julie; she’s a slag so who care wot she says anyways, but she says she read this on the init’ web.


More Westland ‘Assembled’ Attack helicopter than built! They were effectively built as CKD kits from Boeing with some unique UK specific sub systems and RTM322 engines.

The replacement AH-64E Guardian are coming pretty much vanilla and direct from Boeing at a significant cost saving to the UK tax payer.

As for the AH-1 designation, that is their designation in UK service as assigned by the MOD. Not an unusual thing for a nation to do when they purchase a type.


Don’t feel bad, we ‘build’ (assemble) Airbus 320s in Mobile, AL. USA#1 and all that. Boeing 787 mostly foreign content. One big happy interconnected world


Slightly off thread, but re QE airgroup. Have you seen the articles on defensenews about F-35B & C issues? If the F-35B & C fly for more than about a minute above Mach 1.2, then the stealth coating starts to blister. The unprotected parts then can suffer structural failure & you could lose the aircraft. Pre lot 8 are the worst affected. Post lot 8 have a newer better coating.
Also sovereign data issues with ALIS, which are on track to being solved.

Phillip Johnson

Is this the problem around the afterburner?
There were reports over a year ago that the horizontal tail was getting fried when the after burner was used.


Oh well, we’ve managed 40years without supersonic carrier aircraft and it dosnt seem to be much of a problem to manage without anything at all for 10/15 years.

Phillip Johnson

The F-35 is a bomber with a reduced radar signature. If it is accepted as that it will work well enough. Problem is it is being sold as a fighter and the solution to all things.


It was the sort of thing thrown up by trials. Apparently it had occurred in 2 pre-Lot 8 aircraft (of which the UK has a tiny number), but only twice out of hundreds of occasions. And only at extreme edge of the envelope tests that are unlikely to be replicated in real world. The amendments made post Lot 8 means it won’t occur on those. And that’s practically all of the UK fleet. Its the sort of thing that all trials programme throw up. It’s been resolved, pretty much nothing to see here…