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Iqbal Ahmed

Are these munitions sites used by all 3 services? Apart from Trident related nuclear munitions, I can’t see any need for each armed service to have it’s own storage sites. We should consolidate the estate further and save money to invest on personnel and front line equipment.


Paging Vladimir, Paging Vladimir…

“We should concentrate all facilities in one place, thus making it easier for an Aggressor to destroy our weapons dumps”.


Have you carful read the article?


You cannot store all munitions in the same bunkers. UN Explosive classification means only compatible categories of munitions can be kept together. This reduces the actual volume of specific bunkers and igloos that can store certain munitions.
The licensing authorities control what sort of munitions and how much can be stored at a site. They also dictate how much can be moved on the road or rail system .
DM Kineton has most of the Army’s ammo on site and is in Warwickshire.
There is little point in having RN ammo inland at say Kineton or Army ammo on the coast at Gosport away from the actual user. There is always risk involved in handling and moving ammo so to reduce the risk it makes sense to keep the depots close to the user.

The big RN vessels such as the LPDs and when it was in service, Ocean, at one point had something like 1/3 of the UK’s infantry ammo embarked at one time. That was a lot of pallets and a lot of bullets to store and move around onboard.

Iqbal Ahmed

Gunbuster, thanks for that information about the UN explosives classifications. I suppose it does make sense to geographicallybplsce these sites where each service can access them.


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Are there no facilities overseas whatsoever in places like Gibraltar or Mare Harbour in The Falklands?

What do vessels stationed abroad for years at a time do, just keep all of their ammo embarked even when alongside somewhere and ration live fire training for the duration of the deployment?

A mention of the Fort Class RFA’s would have been nice given they feed into the overall supply system in providing ammunition to deployed vessels in the same way tankers provide fuel/water.


Been on a fort boat fully stored up. The amount they can carry(not including bog roll) is awesome. You think to yourself if this went up!!!! But there RFA seems that there never worthy of a mention. But that’s ok the boys and girls of the navy know what we do, and will always be beside them


There aren’t too many ships stationed abroad for long durations. The MCM fleet have a Bay Class to store from. The Clyde Class has a 30mm and machine guns. It will only need a couple of pallets of ammo at max to fully restock, they probably store that in the bunkers at MPA.


yes, there are facilities abroad, DM Gibraltar being one.

Great Pretender

So if there’s an accident at the UHAF is the UK completely unable to re-ammunition the T-45’s or in extremis could any crane and jetty do?


What type 45s?

Or where you referring to the harbour ornaments?

Bloke down the pub

There is a short article about DM Glen Douglas in this month’s edition of the MOD DE&S magazine, Desider.