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The Ginge

Sorry why not just keep the River class and transfer them to this role, yes increased Hangar space that the latest Rivers should have anyway. I can see no reason to buy this when it identical virtually ?


I’m not sure if it’s that simple. Obviously it wouldn’t have taken a genius to have planned for this 10 year’s ago and built them instead of the river Class. Converting them now would probably be another 1/2 billion for Bae. Argentina has just been quoted 100 mill euros for l’Adtiot OPV.


A lot of this technology had not been invented 10 years ago. The B1 Rivers were built as pure fisheries protection vessels. The B2 were a short notice off the shelf design. They were built to fulfill BAE’s contractual right to a yearly amount of work. When the T26 was delayed BAE had to be given something to keep them working.

The Ginge

Sorry don’t see the point. Yes the technology was not there 10yrs ago, but we are talking about 2 Rove terminals, a communication array which is already fitted. The clever bits are actually the sensors and controls on the autonomous or semi autonomous vehicles, plus software. The ship itself you want as relatively easy to use, robust, self defence against boat attack longer legs than the plastic wonders we use now. The batch 2 rivers even have an updated control centre. I really think it money for old hat. 9 ships already floating use them.

Ian Willis

A capable mine warfare class of vessel is very important to protect our home waters.
The advertising blurb says a ‘ship for the unmanned and information-dominated era’.
Does this imply fully automated mine clearance system and minimal crew?


As it says in the article the normal ships crew will operate the system from outside the potential mine field.


The question is where these ships will come in the Naval funding que. With T26 and Successor SSBN underway and T31 and solid stores ship being worked on will the money be there to start on a new mine hunter for at leat 10 years.


Looks good .
Has a hint of an oil rig support vessel in appearance .
Now, just add a few batches of these to the wish list.


Like the Bofors 57mma great piece of kit for the Rivers.


Anything worth using a 57mm gun on is going to slaughter a OPV. So unless it’s a OPV vs OPV battle you are just wasting expensive kit on the sea bed.


Agreed to a certain extent But what it really delivers is decent airburst which is far better at dealing with threats such as helicopters, UAV’s and FIAC’s that a Minesweeper could actually conceivably have to deal with. Mind you… 57mm costs as much as 76mm Oto Melara so why not go the whole hog and get one of those…at least it will stop most ships in a constabulary role