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Is britain prepared for a new cold war?
I think the short answer is no! Not only is it unprepared to guard against snooping Russian subs from Mr. Putin but I think it is also unprepared to stop the Falklands having new owners one day. The Argentines have 2 things which could help them they have good special forces and they are good at knocking together all manner of Heath Robinson military gear. One example being a Exocet launcher bodged on to a trailer which gave the RN some trouble. Could the Q-ship make a come back? Pretend to be a cruise liner get in close then let the SF out in mini-subs ,attack the raf field (but save one typhoon for the Argentine version of Mr Brown RN) and secure the beach head for reinforcement. And the lovely long runway will be nice for those new Sukoi fighter-bombers.
There will be those who will poo-poo the above but with britain begging for American P-3 Orions to guard its OWN shores I would not dismiss it just yet.


How The World Works by Noam Chomsky, maybe in a distant future you will then be less inclined to swallow this sort of stuff.


As the article here suggests the problem is in the heads of our political and MSM classes. Few have shown any desire or inclination to understand the nuts and bolts of national maritime defence. Although there are ships in the pipeline; with the exception of the carriers they just aren’t coming in sufficient numbers to replace one for one even the woefully small navy we now have.
Just let us remember how close this country came to starvation and defeat twice in the 20th century through neglect or miscalculation in meeting the challenge of submarines cutting our sea lane lifeline.
Who imagines 7 SSNs will be adequate to ward off what looks ominously like a direct stand off looming from Putin’s Russia.
We would do worse than to join the Australians in looking at the Japanese SSKs and keeping retired vessels in mothballs for much longer than is current practice, before scrapping.


Putin isn’t the problem, its them retards in Washington and London, poking a stick into the Russian bear, Russia doesn’t want a war


Actually it is probably more down to the Germans and other eastern European nations who signed up to buy all there energy requirements (gas and oil) from Russia and have left themselves wide open to Russian blackmail. Fortunately the drop in oil prices has stopped Putin for the present but I feel this may only be a short reprieve for them. No doubt when the oil price goes up as it no doubt will he will really start to turn the screws on them again. The stupid thing is that years ago Putin actually wrote a university paper detailing his proposed strategy for using Russia’s oil and gas reserves as a means to enrich the Russian economy and use it as a weapon to exert power and control over the Eastern EU and ex-Soviet states. The real plonkers as you put it are the countries who should have known better and not walked right into his trap.

jason weatherall

The problem is the goverments of the UK all any of the party’s have done is fritter away one of the most powerful navy’s on the planet down to nothing. And all they bother about is their image we have to look good on the world stage by given money away to foreign country’s money we should be spending on defence, I am sure NELSON is turning in his grave at the state of his beloved navy


I have one of those Ian Allan books on WW2 warships on my bookshelf. The number of ships requisitioned is huge. I couldn’t count them. They were mainly used for coastal escort and mine clearance. What steps is the Navy taking to have a similar effort in the event of threatened Russian close blockade of the UK? I am not even talking the actual thing.
Not Green Men but just the threat of mines would bring our trade to a halt as things stand.


The pressing problem is, are the English ready to die for Ukraine ? Do they want new coups, defend the independence of Ukraine and prepared to sacrifice their blood for this “sublime” purpose ? Are they willing to contribute to the wellbeing of Ukraine from their own savings ?

Stephen Barratt

No. ask me one on sport…


I am sorry but the “threat” to the UK is simply exaggerated nonsense. The Russian Navy has always been constrained by the geography of an enormous nation but access to the sea constrained by choke points.
The Northern Fleet to get anywhere has to peacefully sail past us hence all the headlines of “Shock Horror” Russian Navy peacefully sails past us! The entire Fleet is a Carrier from a 1980s design and commissioned in 1990 and has spent a lot of time in shipyards since. It is smaller than our two new ones, so in 2020 if we keep both in service and buy enough aircraft to make it worthwhile, we have 2 to their 30 year old unreliable one. There have been lots of headlines about building large fleets but nothing of that size is under construction. They have a nuclear powered Cruiser which is powerful but again is from the 1990s and has been unreliable. They have 6 Destroyers, all 1985-95 vintage and zero frigates. To our 6 modern T-45 and 13 T-23. Of course we cannot get all 19 ships to sea simultaneously, but of course neither can they get their entire fleet of 6 ships to sea simultaneously either. The Carrier will pass us on the way to operate in the Med this Autumn and on the way back but will then be in re-fit at least 2017-19. One of the other nuclear Battlecruisers is being updated and brought back into service but will be 30 years old by the time it is back in service.
So if the Entire Fleet headed for the Royal Navy past NATO member Norway, we are talking 8 ships, and of course we presumably have the support the French and Dutch Fleets.
The Baltic Fleet, has 2 old 1980s Destroyers, 2 modern new build Frigates and 3 small Corvettes, they are faced by surveillance from the Baltic States, the Poles with second hand US frigates, then the modern equipment of the Germans and Danes before they get out of the Baltic. If they want to go any further they peacefully sail past us and we again get shock horror headlines.
The Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea has on paper 2 Cruisers but one is from the 1970s, and 3 old Destroyers, the 4 Type 22s we sold to the Romanians are more numerous and modern, before we mention the Turkish Fleet. They were scheduled to gain 6 new frigates but the engines were made in Ukraine and after the fighting that is not happening, so at present the 3 that have installed engines will be delivered, but obviously there will be life time issues around spare parts, the 3 half built without engines installed will be sold to India. The Russians will build more frigates to a different design but they have lost at least 5 years if not a decade in the process.
The Pacific Fleet has a Cruiser and 5 Destroyers, all at best 1990s vintage. They face a Japanese Fleet with 50 plus Surface Ships, the Chinese with 70, and even the South Koreans are much more powerful than the Russians.
Of all of this the only thing actually more modern than the 1990s are the small number of Frigates in the Baltic and as the rest approach 30 years old they are going to have to fund an enormous building programme which despite headlines there is no evidence the Russian shipyards are in a position to deliver or the total numbers will shrink.

Kevin Garrigan

I z 18months ago that we should of gone on a war footen it all ways the every time after a world war we cut back I understand a cut backs but no murder our arm forces over the years we rush to get ships done take the tape 45 we late started tape 26 are we or not having a 3rd carrier if we are that is a state ment to go some way but if you are asking are we ready not a chance if Russia wanted to invade us he could just walk in we got more gee gees than bloody TANKS in the 1st gulf war we hard 3 divisions 400 two 500 tanks now 120 tanks 19 warships RAF 800 to 900 warplens so you can see for your selfs how bad we are we got Army what you could put in wembly we need to bring back if they still out there the skill workers back and star building for our lives I fill we are running out of time.

David Flandry