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James Harrington Law

GO TO YOUR SISTER SITE and read the stunning allegations of what goes on in the proposed French location for this national security asset. This news along with the leak about Chinese in evolvement in G5, recent news of the closure and sale of GKN aircraft canopy manufacturing (F35 work, P8 work) is just another in a series of awful decisions made by our government.

John Carlin

Being that this decision was made 6 months ago and having less than a year to go what is happening on site?
Have critical staff members left?
Is work being transferred to the new site?
What is the size of the order book?
What are the “numpties” in the Government doing?

James Harrington Law

John, The government is so unfit for purpose in so many areas with national defense, assets at risk and a loss of core sea, air, land capabilities at the top of the list, followed by many other critical issues ranging from tax avoidance, housing, transportation infrastructure, air quality, NHS, social safety net, crime, and that doesn’t even include our future relationship with Europe. Sadly the options presented by other political parties seem even worse.

David Graham

Agreed, James, This is the most incompetent government I have seen since I became interested in politics at the time of the Suez crisis. With more MPs than we have ever had, pointless regional assemblies and a quasi-communist opposition skulking in the wings, never has our future been in worse hands.


Remember Geoff Hoon?

Bobs Baradur

I know some numpties, they object to being classed with MPs.
The gummint is currently considering outlawing gravity,
since it keeps them from having flying motor cars.
A referendum will be held soon.


We have already lost more than enough of our manufacturing industry in the U.K. we definitely want this kept here.

Michael McGuffin

This sounds like a national strategic defense manufacturing facility. Surely the government will not let it be lost.

Kevin Hastie

Is anyone surprised? Shocked, appalled, disgusted yes, but not surprised. Could you imagine the French outsourcing vital industries? Isn`t globalism a wonderful thing ? ….we have outsourced our autonomy and independence to multinational corporations


Please god, don’t let it be BAE, they have bought up and closed down vast swathes of strategic defence industry.
There is bound to be an element of blackmail behind GEs maneuvering.
Personally I reguard this as a vital strategic sector and would rather sacrifice actual hull building to preserve it.Other much smaller nations such as Isreal must be laughing their socks off that we built 2 useless huge steel boxes but have no armoured vehicles or UAV industry.Our potential adversaries will be delighted.


Well Grubbie, my ever so pessimistic friend, what do you want to happen? In a toss up between BAE and France, I know which one I’d pick.


I would like the government to have a plan.There is absolutely no doubt that deals have been done,don’t believe any nonsense about rationalization.Either the government knows what the deal is and the price being demanded, but isn’t telling us or they are incompetent beyond belief.The complete failure of BAE to secure any export orders and government policy in slowing down the frigate build rate also hasn’t helped.


HMG should enact a compulsory purchase of the site, all equipment and intellectual property, and transfer of all employees on the grounds of national security. That buys team either for the local management to do a buy out or for HMG to identify a new owner, such as BAE, Babcock, etc.
Will it happen? Probably not ?


Government already own the IP. Simply nationalise the company & its assets under national security. If GE complain too much, threaten them with trying to export UK IP without permission (criminal charges). Then sell the business as a lease arrangement with the government maintaining ownership of the buildings & equipment (I would have thought RR might be a better option). This is what Australia did when government owned ADI was sold to Thales. The big munitions & explosives factories are actually still government owned facilities, leased to & run by Thales. Not too many years ago, the Swedish government forcibly (as in armed officers) reclaimed government IP from TKMS owned Kockums. This basically forced the sale by TKMS of Kockums to SAAB. National Security is a very big stick if someone wants to wield it.


Hear , Hear, its about time that ALL British Governments stoood up for Britain full stop. We allow our companies to be bought up by foreigners, sometimes with guarantees, but mostly not, and then allow them to renage on these agreements. GE is a failing company, it’s share price has fallen from $36 to less than $10 in less than a year, it has the largest pension debt in corporate history because it stopped making contributions in the “good years”, it has cut health care provision for its retirees (though not the Executive grade ones), it is so highly leveraged with debt that all of its businesses are potentially up for sale. They have screwed up the Dreadnought submarine programme by years because they moved steam turbine work from UK to Italy, so they are impacting our surface and underwater warfare capabilities, and yet we con sider them a fit company to be in charge of a defence company ? Someone is asleep at the helm here in Government. Nationalise the site now to secure the defence of the realm.


Hey I know this is two years later but I was wondering if you could provide a source for your steam turbine work from UK to Italy” comment thanks.

Barry Larking

“GE executives in the US typically serve for just 3 years and are often not from an engineering background. Concerned only with short term profits, the strategic defence and industrial interests of the UK are not their priority.”

None of this was known at the time of purchase?

Who is running this country?


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