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French fishery protection vessel 🇫🇷FS Cormoran alongside in Leith this morning. #MarineNationale #Leith Via @dave_cullen_photography
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The joy of a waterline exhaust... 🇫🇷FS Normandie leaves #Southampton this morning. @marinenationale vessels now have pennant numbers removed. #steadfastdefender24 #marinenationale #fsnormandie Via @scottyc298
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Houtis creating environmental disaster in the #RedSea. On Feb 18th they attacked and damaged UK-owned bulk carrier MV Rubymar which is now at anchor but slowly taking on water and leaking fuel causing an 18-mile oil slick. The main cargo is 41,000 tons of fertilizer. #Pollution #OilSpill #houthirebels #satelliteimagery via US CENTCOM
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#RFAStirlingCastle back into Devonport yesterday #FOST #RoyalFleetAuxiliary #PlymouthSound Via @westward01
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#RFAMountsBay alongside in 🇳🇴Norway to load personnel and equipment before deploying on Exercise #SteadfastDefender2024 #RoyalFleetAuxiliary #Norway
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#HMSTamar arrived in Auckland 🇳🇿New Zealand on Friday ahead of exercises with #royalnewzealandnavy this week. #NewZealand #Auckland #RoyalNavy #OPV Via @ukinnewzealand
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More importantly, 🇩🇰HDMS Iver Huitfeldt is now deployed in the Red Sea as part of operation #ProsperityGuardian to protect merchant shipping from Houthi attacks. #forsvaretdk #RedSea #hmdsiverhuitfeldt
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🇩🇰HDMS Esbern Snare had a minor collision/allision with HDMS Absalon in Frederikshavn Naval Base this morning. Via: Søværnet #forsvaretdk #Collision #Allision #frederikshavn #DanishNavy
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