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RIP. Three 🇿🇦South African submariners have died after seven of the casing party from SAS Manthatisi were swept off the boat while conducting VERTERP with Lynx helicopter in high seas off Capetown. #SouthAfrica #CapeTown #SASManthatisi #SSK #Submarine #NavalAccident
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#HMSDauntless currently at anchor off 🇲🇸Montserrat. #Type45Destroyer #RoyalNavy #Caribbean
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#HMSSpey conducted manoeuvres with 🇺🇸US Coast Guard cutter Munro in the South China Sea. 17/9/23 #USCG #USCoastGuard #RoyalNavy #OPV #Cutter #SouthChinaSea Via: Ryan Chan
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#XVPatrickBlackett passes 🇵🇹Portuguese Tall Ship, NRP Sagres during operations on Exercise #REPMUS23 #RoyalNavy #Portugal #TallShip
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Finally made it to 🇺🇸America! #HMSPrinceofWales arrives at Naval Station Mayport, Florida today. #Westlant23 #RoyalNavy #AircraftCarrier #Florida #USNavy
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#RFAMountsBay inbound to Devonport this afternoon following recent deployment in the Baltic Sea. #RoyalFleetAuxiliary #PlymouthSound Via @Westward01
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#HMSPrinceofWales Atlantic crossing completed. Conducting replenishment at sea with 🇺🇸USNS Supply and escorted by USS Oscar Austin. #RoyalNavy #AircraftCarrier #ReplenishmentAtSea #USNSSupply #NorthAtlantic #USNavy #USSOscarAustin
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#RFALymeBay will be the command ship for the Littoral Response Group (South) and has embarked equipment and a company of 40 commando #RoyalMarines She will be based in Duqm 🇴🇲Oman with #RFAArgus and engage with partners from Kenya to Australia. #RoyalFleetAuxiliary #LRGS #LittoralResponseGroup #Plymouth
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On 7th Sept #HMSLancaster while operating in support of Combined Task Force 150, in the Arabian Sea seized more than 450kg of illegal drugs worth approx $9.5M. #AntiNarcotics #DrugsBust #Type23Frigate #RoyalNavy #ArabianSea #CTF150 #OpKipion
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In her new role as the Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales visited #RNASYeovilton yesterday. She met sailors and viewed a Merlin and Wildcat helicopter, conducted training exercises with the Navy Survival Equipment technicians, and spent time in the Air Traffic Control tower, where she met staff and spoke with an airborne Wildcat crew. Yeovilton is where King Charles learnt how to fly helicopters nearly 5 decades ago. #FleetAirArm #RoyalVisit #RoyalNavy #HRHThePrincessofWales
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Home after operations in the Baltic Sea #RFAMountsBay south of Plymouth breakwater in windy and wet conditions this afternoon. Sea boat heading into Millbay. #RoyalFleetAuxiliary #Plymouth Via: RFANostalgia
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🇫🇷French fishery protection vessel FS Pluvier inbound to Devonport this morning #MarineNationale #PlymouthBreakwater #OPV #FisheryProtection Via: RFA Nostalgia
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