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RN's newest SSN, HMS Anson has completed sea trials and successful test-firings of both Spearfish and Tomahawk missiles at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre (AUTEC). Currently in maintenance period but will become operational shortly. #SSN #RoyalNavy #Submarine #HMSAnson
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New article on our website #LinkInBio Steller Systems unveil ‘Fearless’ Multi Role Support Ship concept #MRSS #MultiRoleSupportShip #RoyalNavy #StellerSystems #FutureNavy #navalarchitecture
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#hmsrichmond arriving in 🇮🇸 Iceland #Type23Frigate #RoyalNavy #taps #northatlantic #antisubmarinewarfare #reykjavik Via @reykjavik_pilot
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Looking good in the office. Thank you @heyousecom Checkout: #Harrier #NavalAviation #WallArt #WallDecoration #AvGeek
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#HMSStAlbans leaving Portsmouth this afternoon following her rededication ceremony in Portsmouth yesterday. #Type23Frigate #RoyalNavy #portsmouthharbour Via: S. Wenham
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.@naval_service new Inshore Patrol Vessel 🇮🇪LÉ Aoibhin sails from Haulbowline to begin work up following purchase from New Zealand Navy. (ex-HMNZS Pukaki) #PatrolVessel #IrishNavy #Cork #Ireland
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Admiralty Pilot boat SD Solent Racer experienced serious engine fire at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour this morning (Bringing pilot back after taking HMS Iron Duke out). #PilotBoat #Fire #BoatFire #Portsmouth #Serco #admiraltypilot
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#HMSIronDuke outbound from sunny Portsmouth this morning on completion of maintenance period. #RoyalNavy #Type23Frigate #Portsmouth Via: PortsmouthProud
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Overnight 🇺🇦Ukraine mounted multiple drone strikes on targets across 🇷🇺Russia including attacks on Black Sea naval facilities in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk. Unconfirmed but Ukrainian sources say they also sank Russian minesweeper RFS Kovrovets. (Library Photo) #ukrainewar #blackseafleet #sevastopol #novorossiysk #NavalWarfare
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#HMSStAlbans rededicated back into the fleet at a ceremony in Portsmouth this morning following 58-month LIFEX refit. Photo: Tom Sharpe #Type23Frigate #rededication #Parade #Portsmouth #RoyalNavy
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Sad to report the passing of Cdr Nigel "Sharkey" Ward, DSC, AFC, RN retd. "Mr Harrier", a supremely talented and aggressive fighter pilot who led 801 Naval Air Squadron during the Falklands War, flying 60+ missions achieving 3 air-air kills. In later life a strong advocate of carrier air power and a highly controversial and implacable critic of the RAF. #RIP #AviationLegend #FalklandsWar #RoyalNavy #FleetAirArm #harrierjet #FighterPilot
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