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Good news for Cammell Laird. It would be nice if this was followed up with the construction of the next RFA solid support ships, rather than getting them built overseas, see:

James Harrington Law

Will she see her CIWS installed during this period? I have yet to see an image of any CIWS on the class. Good article about CL, thanks.


RFA warships only routinely deploy with their full complement of defensive aids (i.e. CIWS) when they deploy to high threat areas such as the Gulf. If the navy plan on deploying her somewhere high threat after the refit then they will be fitted otherwise they will stay off.


If CIWS was to be installed then thus would need a RN team onboard to maintain it. Typically 5ppl. So given that manpower is short they don’t really need it when UK coastal.


Any news on the situation in Falmouth? I guess they were very much hoping to get the Tide work having done the U.K. fit out of the class.


Cracking yard with a lot of potential. Just needs a bit of commitment and planning by Westminster to ensure T31 and FSS both go to UK companies and as soon as possible to avoid any further contractions within the industry.

Followed by replacements for the Albion’s, Bay’s and mine-hunter fleet in the 2030’s (mixed in with repair and commercial work of course) and the future could be bright.

Sadly i’m now convinced the current government as well as a large chunk of the Tory Party itself has absolutely no interest in either rebuilding the RN or supporting UK industry.


Unfortunately the Tories are the best of a bad bunch. Labour would undoubtedly disarm what Navy ships they didn’t scrap and only allow there use for humanitarian missions.


I have written to a no of MPs to get support for my petition and have had more positive response from Conservative, Independent and SNP MPs than labour MPs, which surprised me. Certainly Johnny Mercer on the defence select committee is very supportive

Bloke down the pub

Have the Tides sorted out the reported problems experienced with their fire monitors?


What am I missing here? A brand new ship with only 15 months operational service requires 4 months of maintenance?


Eyes on the real prize and shipbuilding growth from this is the FSSS for the UK yards! A real sovereign industrial strategy would not be looking abroad at all. The French don’t in terms of manufacture of their FSSS. Nor the Germans, nor the Dutch, nor the Italians… All are more expensive than what we can build them for, yet we, the UK tender abroad. How mad is that?!