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Armchair Admiral

Hmmm…Porkies will have enchanted situational awareness??
Despite being an admiral I have no idea what “enchanted” situational awareness is. Please could someone enlighten me, thanks.


HMS Enchantress a WW2 Bittern class sloop


Wow perhaps this topic is too sensitive to be discussed on an open site like this? Hope the boss has a handle on it!

Supportive Bloke

I don’t think much can be deduced from this article that we didn’t already know or couldn’t guess.

I agree that much of the reality of how this synthesis of systems works is far too sensitive to be discussed in the open.

Mind you, I sure that wont stop the Telegraph publishing an article that has been cut and pasted from Wiki and checked by an idiot with no technical knowledge. Did you notice that according to the DT Exocet in ’82 had GPS guidance – err……. on that vintage it was …..inertial mid-flight…..?

My god the idea that chaff as half wavelength was new to Corporate………errrr……..try looking in Prof R.V. Jones – Most Secret War……was WWII stuff…..


I think perhaps that this gives us an insight as to how/what SSN(R) might be employed/look.


Where does this take us? Is it an update? I’m not sure if Phorcys has moved forward since last year’s article, or if there are extra things in this one that weren’t in that one that I should have picked up on (and didn’t).

The RN picture about ATLANTIS 2040 comes from the presentation of Dec 2020, subsequently withdrawn. Does that mean the rest of the presentation is no longer valid or was it just speculative?

The complexity of just one aspect of the undersea domain, that of mine hunting, leaped ahead with the announcement earlier this year of £1.3bn being spent on developing a new system to detect and destroy sea mines (NAO equipment plan report), possibly Pulse Dart. There’s also the Thales Anglo French counter-mines initiative, ATLAS’s ARCSIM and Sea Otter autonomous minehunting, and remote operated vehicles. These all seem separate to the MROS, mother submarines, XLUUV, sensor UUVs, attack and ballistic submarines, light and heavy torpedoes. So undersea technology isn’t short of things that will want to communicate, with each other, with surface vessels and land stations.

I’m assuming hybrid capability is just a fancy term for a group of these assets working in concert to a particular end. Is that right? So I suppose the questions are, which assets are likely be linked by which method, and is the data encyption part of Phorcys just for the acoustic connection or will it cover other legs of the network?

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Interesting, there is no discussion around quantum communications, especially as it can remain coherent moving from water to air and air to water. I know water deep is an issue, but the Chinese are publishing a lot on work around this field ( I’m pretty sure they have managed to keep coherence to a dept of a 100 meters or so, may be wrong I would have to dig out the article.

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