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Nick Loftus

A bit of no more nails and I am sure the Mary Rose would do a job?


HMS Victory springs to mind.

Anthony Webb

Oh please, beware of the date! I trust my shippers to be better aware. 😉

tim dainton

Nice April fools- with a sharp edge.

Of course press gangs will rifle through the job centres in search of crews.

I lost a ten bob note when I was on her in 1963, some where in the control room, Sippers to any of the new crew if they find it !

JOHN martin

My dad found that ten bob note you mite know him pencher Martin Cheff Petty Officer RN

My email should read not as above


I had to scrub the thing out fwd to aft when under pun. I’m still in the mob. Really . No shit.

Spud Basher

This would be funny if it wisnae so close to the bone

Clive Burghard

So what’s going on ?,, Has the Trident Fleet, been handed over To The EU, {DVD}

colin putman

Even if they are only used to patrol our coast to deter or catch people smugglers some good will come of it .Why scrap something that still has a lot of active life left,like our ‘oldies’ I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of part time

Adrian Carrotte

We love scrapping ships when they have soon much more to give prime example lack of aircraft carrier at the minute why scrap it we need to take a look at other countries we sell our stuff to and see how long they keep it going for


Perhaps the Royal Navy could be funded like the RNLI , they seem to have plenty of brand new boats (that actually work). I’m sure somebody in government would see this as a great idea. Servicemen could have day jobs and be scrambled every time a Russian fishing boat appears off our shores


I can hear my Father and his Shipmates laughing all the way from Heaven. 90 day patrol, what would health and safety ? lol