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Great job, another example why we need a Navy.


A ridiculous argument.

Kevin Hastie



It’s great that the RN happened to be around, properly trained and were able to help, but it’s not a great example of why we need a navy.If anything it would suggest that we needed to get rid of the navy and invest in a huge worldwide offshore RNLI.Much the same for Caribbean drug patrols and disaster relief, it could be much more cheaply and effectively provided by anyone other than the RN.Its not a primary mission, it gives them something to do, keeps them trained and we might as well use them.Meanwhile the RN dosnt seem to believe that UK waters are sufficiently glamorous for them.

Barry O'Connell

You got one foul mouth one foul attitude and frankly I am dam glad I am unable to educate you, Royal Navy style I suggest with opinion like yours steer well clear of any personal like me who served the worlds best navy , one that is highly respect throughout the world


Bringing back National Service would be perfect for Grubbie and his ilk.


Nah….get him to man the ship at the next Sinkex ??


Reading and head problems.


Best trained Navy is quite likely…not always best equipped however due to money troubles ? Back to the point in hand, Grubbie must believe that the UK is isolated from other Naval powers..its not like the UK hasnt had to deal with multiple foreign navies trying to blow British shipping out of the water for the past 100 years is it. The UK is not capable of being self sufficient, less now than in WW2


Exactly…they were in the right place at the right time and had the equipment and training to make a difference. Hats off to the ships crew and company of HMS Argyll.


A big well done to all the lad’s and lassie’s of H.M.S. Argyll ,We are all very proud of each and every one of you.

Des Kerrigan

No mention, Lt.Cdr.Tetchner, of the Fire Fighting and Damage Control Teams from the Argyll!
Bravo Zulu to all from Argyll who did what they are trained to do, to a very high standard.
One of the many aspects; Aid to Civil Power, of the Finest Service (to my mind) in the World……..
Splicers all Round.

Enjoy your well earned leave on your return to the U K, Argyll ⚓️

Des Kerrigan
Retired Chief Stoker


Hope it didnt interfere with the homeward bound
uckers championship Chiefy.
BZ Argyll.

Kevin Hastie

Notably not reported by the BBC…


BBC News – HMS Argyll: Navy crew saves 27 from burning ship

Kevin Hastie

Thankyou….I couldn’t find anything when I looked


Chefs cooking up beans on toast is nice but not particularly impressive, even I could do that!


Beans on toast , hot simple food .
Just what the doctor ordered with loads of hot strong tea .

What where you expecting Grubbie a 7 course banquet a marine band and dancing on the poop deck .


That would have impressed me.


I am sure the Captain of the HMS Argyll would be delighted to lead you in a waltz around the poop deck Grubbie 🙂


BZ Argyll’s ship’s co.

Joe Dodds

Brilliant,Well done lads!

petet fitzpatrick

well done to the crew of argyle , you saved the crew of a ship of one of the biggest shipping companies in the world , you should all be proud of what you have done

Iqbal Ahmed

Well done to the crew. They showed great character and skill in implementing their training, under difficult circumstances.

I agree with Grubbie that the RN should prioritise home waters and NATO deployments over grandstanding in the Pacific. The Chinese know that we are a busted flush. They knew that when we sent an unarmed transport to navigate their waters.

It’s China and India’s time in the sun. Time for us to move on and clear the decks.

Philip E Worthington

Grubby . . join the Navy – see the world – and add you’re little bit of compassion to the pot! The RN isn’t there just to fight YOUR battles for you, it has a maritime responsibility to assist those in peril on the sea! Then service does its best with what it has got – if you need to denigrate anyone – then blame yourself – your government, which you voted into power – which has run down the services to this level.


So, you didn’t read my post properly then.


Remember the 17,000 rn sailors who died serving in the west African squadron, who freed 150,000 slaves

Or the east African squadron who totally destroyed the slave routes to the middle east.


I have no idea what that has got to do with the RN fulfilling its duty to rescue fellow seaman just the same as any other ship.The anti slavery patrols were a clear ,attainable and worthwhile mission,that would be a good reason to have a navy.There have been some mad comments.


Sorry Grubbie was sending a email to my nephew he is doing a school project on slavery .
Typed in the wrong window.


Notably yours