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Absolutely agree on the great work deployments like this do to provide maritime security, reassurance to allies, great opportunities for training and a British presence on the world stage. The professionalism and dedication of the people who work in difficult conditions far from home should also be recognized.

However we shouldn’t ignore the issues plaguing both the T45’s and the wider fleet in general. Just because Daring didn’t suffer any power outages in her deployment doesn’t detract from the appalling reality that hundreds of millions are going to have to be spend on billion pound a pop warships to fix a very fundamental flaw in their design. It’s also worth remembering that the chances are the next time a T45 makes a similar deployment East of Suez or into the Black Sea it will be without any Harpoon canisters on deck, stripping them of the ability to sink (or in a day to day sense threaten) potential adversaries.

Add to this the absence or Tomahawk silo’s and torpedo launchers which would have been relatively cheap additions compared to the overall price-tag and i sadly think the T45’s represent as much that’s worrying about the Royal Navy at the moment as what’s right. Yes they are extremely capable at a very niche capability and are used to the best of the crews ability, but at the same time they are too few in number and not armed with the right spectrum of weaponry to be truly versatile platforms which can respond to any scenario which may arise.


So much seems to be spoiled for a ha’p’worth of tar. I am thankful though for those that put themselves in harms way in our name and thank God that they do.

Michael Lewis

Agreed. Without the Tomahawks, the Type 45’s might as well be River Class patrol boats out there.


NO, no, no they have a 4.5″ gun!


agree entirely, whilst having the planned remedial work for the propulsion systems, they should be fitted with the Mark 41 VLS & also upgraded with an ABM capability asap.


Agreed. And as a bonus even the most basic Anti submarine weapon would be helpful. Why our cruisers in 1939 had depth charges.


Slightly off topic.
1. The Australians have a shipbuilding plan.
2. Summer is running down: -for the UK Gov to produce their own ship building plan.
3. -for meaningful construction of the 8 Type 26 to commence under a contract.
4. -for the QE2 to start sea trials.


It’s purely anecdotal of course but since this deployment all of the 45s have been more or less permanently alongside at Portsmouth for going on 2 months now according to people I’ve spoken to, and my own eyes. Far from being a valid part of the fleet these are archetypal harbour queens. The remedy plan makes clear that at least one will be laid up as a floating training ship, and the cynic in me suspects that bad news on the class’s availability is being buried until after the election.

These are ships that do not sail. These are bad ships. This class has failed.

Michael Lewis

The HMS Dauntless has in fact been delegated a training ship since April 2016.