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Henry Piecrust

“sensationalist and inaccurate gossip”. You should try working there. Well I knocked it last year and have finally been let go. I was gutted. Absolutely no attempt at retention. No interest whatsoever. Morale IS terrible amongst a lot of the ratings and that’s a fact and many are resigning and have resigned. There’s some good eggs up there but in reality it’s getting by on the skin of its teeth.

Dave S

Take care….. those that have decided to go are not always to be regarded as giving a balanced account of what is happening. If you are right then you clearly are not going to contribute to any improvement while others will be trying their hardest, and if you are wrong you are just being disloyal and gobby, and certainly not helping matters.


Has it not occurred to you that If there was no attempt at retention then maybe they probably did not want you back.


Let’s just hope no one is ever tempted to send this epic folly into battle.Under armed and under escorted, it will be easy meat. China must be wetting themselves laughing about suggestions that British carriers will enforce access to the south China seas.


Join the discussion If I had a penny for every time somebody said something like that!

Define under armed and under escorted!

Do you want some BL 15 inch Mk I naval gun in large turrets? Cruise missiles? anti ship missiles in VLS? Laser guns?

The QE class is an aircraft carrier not a Battleship! It has organic point defences and soft kill systems. General RN policy is to avoid the carriers getting into a fight. That is the job of the Escorts and her F-35B!

Now talking about Escorts I agree that hull numbers have been cut back too low but we need to get real when it comes to the QE class and her deployment, we can’t afford to run a large Carrier Battle Group. The main reason every US carrier has a closely attached destroyer is to act as plane guard, in other words pick up aviators who have been forced to ditch whilst landing allowing the carrier to carry on operations. Not a critical issue for a STOVL carrier. In UK service Escorts will be attached to the QE class depending on operational need and threat. Chugging around the Caribbean don’t expect to see a large Escort but in the South China seas do expect it.

don wilson

The RN learnt in the 40’s that Battleship type craft have had thier day, I am suprised at the size and lack of visual support craft…. BUT advances in radar and weponry may well make these size ships viable in todays navy


Are you drunk? Plane guard went out in the last Korean war. Real carriers have Helios.

Peter Oldham

I joined the RN as a boy seaman in 1959, serving at HMS Ganges for 12 months. Age just 15. I became a gunner. I was drafted to the Far East to join HMS Caprice, a CA class 1943 built destroyer, part of the 8th Destroyer squadron Far East Fleet. That was when we had a real Navy. The UK had a Far East Fleet, a Mediterranian Fleet and a Home Fleet. We also had many other ships in the Carribian areas. Now, this once great country does not have enough ships to patol and protect our own shore line!! All thanks to the treacherous governments of the last 50 years! The fact that this country is having to scramble about frantically for people to man the new ships and subs coming on stream in the near future, is an abject and utter disgrace!

archie macleod

Pity they don’t have National Service today, 2 years in Navy like it join up, dislike it Ieave but Country has 2 yrs device from a volunteer albeit a legal form of Press Ganged.


How do you propose to pay for national service?


Because you know what’s best for moral? Forcing a bunch of young men to serve who didn’t want to in the first place and want nothing more than to go home….

Tony Lieghio

Well said Peter,you sign on to the give your best the present and future governments should do the same,give us back a navy that can proctect our shores.

archie macleod

When do the aircraft join ship, even 4 per carrier would enable pilots and deck crew to maintain skills.


2020 depending on deliveries.


Keeping positive is the way to go with HMS QE. Big is beautiful as it means space for top class facilities, useful weapons load and much more including developing the ship forward for the next decades as a national defense asset. Momentous when she moves under her own power.


But empty of a crew?

Andrew Davis

You’ve said across multiple diffrent articles that the F-35s need to go to the Navy. Thats not really possible with the RAF losing it’s tornadoes


They’ got PC’s and Drones. What more?’ Per Ardua ad Astra’ – sounds good to me that last bit. The next war will be fought and won above surface on the edge of space and with drones.

John Miles

I am ex Military and would like to say how proud I am of the people who have made this happen. Personally I think if CVA01 had been built in the 60s there would not have been a Falklands war where 250 died and the cost to the nation must have been many times more than two aircraft carriers. I wish both ships a long and successful career.

Richard White

What would be your ideal Royal Navy currently (I’ve seen your shopping list but I mean if you could start from scratch)


Any further news on Sailing date for HMS QE

Bloke down the pub

Monday morning at slack water.


Off topic by a margin.
I was looking at the 4 Passenger Transfer Vessels destined for the Queen Elizabeth Class.
You know what they have no military capability!
I find this quite extraordinary. I would assume they have an ability to provide some useful guard function for the carriers when they are at some harbour or remote anchorage; but I can see no sign of it. In days gone by our battleships carried picket boats, whose job, apart from carrying crew to shore was to acted as guard vessels for their warship home.
To me this proves that the present Naval mentality is not sufficiently hazard aware. In today’s maritime environment where there have been several terror attacks on warships by hostile small craft, it is amazing that an opportunity is wasted not to arm these craft. Carrying crew to shore may also require some defensive weapon; the crew have value. in these circumstances they should at least be amed with a 76mm minigun.
Those in command should insist the carriers and crew are defended at all times and a watch set kilometres away to defend against attack.
When will the authorities wake up and bring forward a coherent deep layer defence for these major vessels and flagships?
My private Motor Launch dating from the 20’s has the distinction of being amongst the first minehunters as opposed to minesweepers in RN service, when in early 1941 it was requisitioned and commissioned into RN service. She would probably have given a better account of herself, when faced by danger, than the present Passenger Transfer Vessels.

Bloke down the pub

Apart from the passenger transfer vessels, the QEs also carry a couple of Ribs whose functions include the picket you describe.