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Truly stunning ship, it’s heartening to see QE from Gosport.
Looking forward to eventual F-35B integration.
One step at a time.


The documentary was brilliant. Fell out with She who must be Obeyed letting the kids stay up late on a school night and they loved it, so worth the grief.

I have every confidence that QE will be a mighty powerful ship and look forward to the MDP review (he said expectantly)

Pete Bowler

When will the Ship get CIW weapons Systems operational and how many, I would think at least 3 Phalanx . + 3 30mm DS30 cannons

Howard Newman

I think it explains above Pete


Why not 4 of each for 360 deg cover?

B. Jones

According to what is show some graphic images, there will only be is only 3 Phalanx fitted.
Port and starboard forward of the bridge and one at the extreme aft port side.
This leaves a blind spot on the starboard side to aft.
Also I noticed there is “vacant real-estate” on the portside alongside the ski ramp.
Room to fit a row of CAMM VLS on a 1m or so sponson flush with and extending from the deck?


Right, so if two missiles come in from starboard quarter after clearing the outer defence screen its most probably a hit especially if one of the phalanxes is down for whatever reason. I am concerned about QNLZ class defensive armament. Very concerned, very very concerned. Hubris wont stop anything, except clear thinking about this weakness.


Me too.

She will be the only carrier in the world without any kind of on board missile point defence.

She’s an irreplaceable £10bn asset when fully loaded.

I hear nothing but complacency from people I have engaged with on the issue.


The new ‘Ford’ – class carriers are to cost over $20 Billion EACH with deployed air group. Hard to imagine them going into harm’s way without absolute and overwhelming sea/air superiority which only exists in dreams going up against a true adversary such as China/Russia etc. I have always respected naval air power, but I wonder if its proponents today are like the ‘battleship admirals’ of old…


Saw part two tonight and it was excellent, great insight into what sea trials are all about. In the end, they will be great ships.


HMS White Elephant


They actually look like well thought-out vessels, but without sufficient escorts…

booty man

the qween is a cotton bud