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Dave alders

Interesting that in the report on Ark royal doing sea trials they assumed this would be the least ever capital ship for the Royal navy. It very nearly was!


Well so far the coverage has been pretty positive. The main negatives so far are some nonsense articles about Windows XP which is in effect raking up old news and then totally failing to understand that no RN ship is using a domestic oem copy of Windows XP but rather a stripped down adapted variant of Windows.

Windows is the preferred solution along with the C++ programming language as there is plenty of industry experience with it.

Then there is the Max Hastings article which is just an exercise in raking up all the old whinges that came out of the Army ten years ago and in the run up to the 2010 SDSR. It should be noted by the time of the 2010 SDSR the much maligned here RAF had in a corporate sense got on board with the idea of the carriers and saw them as the best path to getting the manned side of a Tornado GR4 replacement to be operated in a pool with the RN and the RN had decided the best way to get the Carriers was to work with the RAF by sharing the F-35B with the RAF. The Army on the other hand were doing some determined lobbying to get the carriers axed even going so far as to open a PR office staffed with Junior officers with the sole task of feeding negative reports about the Carriers and how the Army needed the money more because of Afghanistan.

Always left a very sour taste in my mouth!