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Adrian Pearce

Just for info, it was Operation Tabarin, not Tarbarin.

Cam Hunter

Why the hell didn’t we keep some lynx helicopters for Antarctic duties even just two for Hms Sir David Attenborough! We already had the helicopters and plenty of spares so no cost of buying them! I hope The RN gets a proper Antarctic ice breaker soon with helicopters, helicopters ar3 essential. Where did all the lynx actually go? Sold? Scrapped! We need to build the RN a big ice breaker…


The RN has more urgent spending priorities like building new frigates so we can defend ourselves.

Cam Hunter

How about we had 20 + frigates not so long ago and far more before that. Maybe we shouldn’t sell or scrap our frigates! The 3 type 23s to Chile’s a prime example. We can afford 30 frigates if we wanted but this government doesn’t want to. We have the money, we are a very rich nation. We cut our destroyer force from 12 to 6 our RFA has been halved, our army cut by a third our navy a quarter and RAF jets more than halved! Our submarine force has lost may and our mine h7nters almost halved… we have saved billions but our millitarys suffering. We should build 13 frigates minimum, I say 10 type 31s. We don’t even spend 2% of Defence we spend 1.4% max, the rest is clever accounting and they started to include millitary pensions ect into defence budget. Trident shouldn’t come out of the Royal navy’s budget like in the past. Let’s spend the money to have the millitary we deserve and need. Do you think 13 frigates and 6 destroyers is fit for Britain! I don’t.

Cam Hunter

Also all the funding issues are made by the government so they can scrap and sell of stuff. We had a navy twice our current size and army 3x bigger and RAF with 1000s of Aircraft and 100 v Bombers. We weren’t anywhere near as rich as we are now when we had all that. We should spend 97% on the country and 3% on defence minimum…. we won’t be a world power for much longer, South Korea has more frigates and destroyers and Japan’s Navy has 4x as many destroyers as the UK… it’s a dam money pinching joke that I don’t get.


Great article. Such an interesting ship. As unmanned systems come to the forefront of operations could more militarized versions of ships like this take over from the traditional frigate?


A minus, I take it someone disagrees. Care to explain?


She isnt allowed major arms and the article says she has small arms….Is she allowed to have MANPADS (Stingers etc)? So are MANPADS covered by this Treaty?

John McGee

she also carries a detachment of Royal Marines…another very useful asset to have available.


With regard to Endurance 1 (the ex Anita Dan) and helicopters – Whirlwinds and not Wasps as stated in the article were the original helicopters and were certainly still in use in the 73/74 deployment , and perhaps for a little longer. An interesting article and a good history of Endurance and Protector. My dad was CO 72-74 and it was probably the highlight of his career.

Harry Davies (A/B gunner)

Steve l was on that deployment what was your Dads name


Great to see that the Red Plum tradition lives on. The Ice Patrol ships are an invaluable asset to the Uk as the Polar regions become more important. Having served on the Red Plum in 82/83 we should not relearn the lessons of 82. To any Chatham residents who may read this article and welcomed us back to our home that summer a belated Thank You!! It was a great welcome and a memorable day.

Harry Dodd

well now, here is a word from a fossil who was a stoker on the original Protector. not a draft I would have liked to have missed. we were under way in daylight but drifted afterdark all the bergs would be going the same way so shouldt hit any! largest was off signey island at over 9 miles long.