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“It takes three years to build a ship, it takes three centuries to build a tradition.”
Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham – Crete, 1941


Kaiserliche marine/Kriegsmarine didnt do so badly after 40 -60 years

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chris de pole

Perhaps the Egyptians would let us use Alex again?

Trevor G

Oops sorry, D37 is Duncan, not Defender.

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It’s only going to get busier.


X do u know what the small white tiles are on defenders lower mast?

Meirion X

There are a few antennae of sorts on that mast. There is a cooling system for the radar inside the mast, maybe a radiator of some kind.


We do need a large British base at the eastern med…

Meirion X

QE can dock in Limassol Cyprus, where she is now. UK warships mainly use Souda Bay, in Eastern Med.
We are Unlikely to leave NATO, so continue to use SB.

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I Supose it’s only ever fleeting visits (bar Forward based) It’s not like days past when we had a huge fleet so needed all these bases anyways X

Meirion X

Yes, most of those former bases, were established when The RN had a large fleet, they were mainly coaling ports, to refuel steam powered ships with coal, in the age of steam.

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“The RN had no aircraft carriers available to protect the operation and this episode was a classic demonstration of how a fleet cannot survive without its own air cover.”

Don’t entirely agree with this. The fleet did survive despite heavy losses and carried out the evacuation successfully. Of course it is best to have your own air cover but when you lack it, ships have to be sacrificed, whilst it is still possible to prevail.