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All I can say is welcome to the fleet and good hunting.


Hello, not relevant with the discussion however I wish to join the Royal Navy as a future warfare officer, if their are previous officers can you give me any trips or sailors in general whilst also expanding the roles of a warfare officer as at the Recruitment Website it only tells that warfare officers will be doing the decisions on the Bridge.

On topic, Happy Hunting


Spelling and grammar may help.


Shut up you t*t. It was probably typed on a smart phone where auto correct changed half the intended words.


Then perhaps Hughesy should have reviewed what was typed before he posted it. This only takes a little more time and makes for easier reading and comprehension.

The name calling does nothing to get your point across.

An Officer (actually anyone, in any job) should be responsible for their own work. As such, your work should be complete and accurate before you submit it. Pompeyblokeinoxford pointed this out and you attack him?

Lighten up Bobby.

Donkeys Flipflop

Plenty of throbbers on here having a go cos they can. Wait till Hughesy is writing your annual report!


Sorry for the Bad spelling but thanks for the tip, my fault for grammar.

Gavin Gordon

No worries – at this stage!

Richard Broniman

now that is the response of a mature person. Good luck in your chosen profession. One to be proud of.

Richard Broniman

I agree. Yes the auto correct is a bloody nuisance, especially as its a US dictionary. As a future officer, and I wish him the very best of luck, he needs to pay attentiion to detail and now is the best time to start.

Gavin Gordon

I agree with your comment, P, and take it it was made as an aide rather than a ‘troll’, since correct spelling is vital for applications, if nothing else (especially for ‘officer-types’, perhaps). No idea what age Hughesy is, but must be young, if not indeed right at the very outset of figuring out the career path.

David Graham

Good luck to you. The term warfare officer is relatively new; it is what in more sensible times was known as seaman officers, but I suppose now that would have had to read as seaperson officers.

Basically you will become a sailor as opposed to and engineer or a pusser. Best branch, although I was often accused of being paid to look out of the bridge windows at the sea!

Barry Larking

Best Wishes to Audacious and families.


Did it float?

Gavin Gordon

Clearly, and the last couple of images are the most rewarding of all to observe.
There is a rumour still extant, however, that on fairly regular occasions she’s likely to sink (I think it’s promulgated by the SNP). Someone Should Be Held Responsible!


I’m hoping the delay to construction was a ruse to cover the installation of some kind of secret underwater death ray and not just a balls up.

David E Flandry

It was the multiphasic disruptor being installed. (Shh).

David Graham

No, no, David. ‘Twas the MKIV funkingwagnel. In my day, the original was kept in the bar of the Knockderry Hotel on Loch Long.


‘they are equipped with outstanding UK submarine sonar technology’.

Wish we had outstanding ventilator and PPE production technology instead. Would be more useful in the current crisis.

Looking at the future, the economy has contracted, in terms of GDP from 5% to 25% this quarter due to the lockdown. Savings will need to be found, including the navy. So we will probably have fewer than our 19 ships in the fleet next year. At some point nuclear subs may be cut instead.


He’s back.


He won’t be happy until the UK is a fifth rate power under his masters thumb.


This is a good and valid point. If you look at the UK’s defence forces, about 50% of it seems to be designed to fight a cold war type scenario and the remainder a 1942 battle of midway scenario. In terms of threats to the UK, both of these scenarios would not be anywhere near the top of the list. Terrorism and non-state actors are a much greater threat and as we have seen in Afghanistan etc. most western militaries are very poorly equipped to deal with this threat.

Countries like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea etc. were much better prepared for a pandemic such as this.

There are other threats such as a lack of a substantial fuel stockpile that also pose threats. If the UK ran out of petrol and diesel, the whole of society would collapse within a matter of weeks. Even the US has a large reserve here.

Meirion X

30% of the UK’s gas supply comes from the Gulf. That is why the Royal Navy is there!
To protect International shipping on the high seas.

You seem to want to bite the hand that feeds you!


Yep that’s Harold, the saddo mate.


Subject matter knowledge limited then I see!

Meirion X

@Troll Iqbal
What Utter Nonsense you sprout!

UK’s Defence spending is planned for the long term.

The SSN’s of today, are the equivalent of the role of the great battleships of the past!

Please learn some history!

Meirion X

@Troll I
The best way to boost the economy, once the lockdown is over, is to continue existing projects, and to bring forward procurement projects.
Cutting back only creates further negative feedback in the economy.

So here is a lesson of economics for you!


Hello Harold, he’s back guys as he uses another avatar on UKDJ, called Harold…sad and pathetic, same chuff same lack of subject matter knowledge. Pathetic.

Meirion X

@Troll I or Harold
You also know F**K All about Macro Economies!
And you know F-ALL about the recovery from the 1930’s Depression, otherwise you would Not be Sprouting this Nonsense economies.

You are wasting your own time here with your Rants! How Sad!


Glad she’s finally arrived at Faslane! I wonder when Anson will be launched? Boris Jihnson’s personal advisor Domininc Cummings has made no secret of the fact he believes we should build more than 7 Astutes, but the only problem there is whether or not additional boats could actually be built and fitted in with the Dreadnought build programme???


No well wishers. Sad welcome, hopefully no bad luck is attached.

Pen men

Great boats these. Welcome to the fleet and here’s to many years service. ??


Welcome to the smallest hunter killer fleet ever!

Derek Walker

An old adage: “If you fail to pay for your own armed forces, you will eventually find yourself paying for someone else’s”.

Leslie Leveson

It is a wonderful sight to see British ship building skills used and not reliant on other nations.There are many clever persons in this country as history will define.May she navigate the oceans of the world safely, not forgetting what armament she contains.