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You forgot the Exocet MM40 Block 3,

paul taylor

Certainly leaves the QE’s rather exposed doesn’t it! Lets hope type 45 Sampson/sea viper, type 26/2076 and astute mange to keep any threats at range. Because you can bet your bottom dollar, as soon as there out on deployment the Chinese and more the Russians are going to be probing and trying get through any screens we have around them, looking to pop up in the middle of an exercise or something like they did with the yanks!.Very sobering indeed!

As very much a lay person albeit with an interest in military history and the parlous state of the UK’s defences this article has depressed me even more than usual. What on earth are senior RN officers doing to gain the ear of the Government and put the Navy back to its former state of necessarily being the ‘biggest’ but certainly the ‘best?.
It’s time politicians stopped equating defence procurement only in terms of British jobs and start buying the best equipment we can afford from wherever it comes. Given the blatant policies to privatise S&R, NHS and Military training why the aversion to putting out a tender to obtain the best/most for our buck?


As someone with an interest in military history you should know that the reason the Royal Navy was the biggest and best was because we had the biggest and best industry to back it up. You cannot simply go out and buy the best navy in the world off the shelf. Once you give up the sovereign ability to supply and build complex weapons you become reliant on friendly nations staying friendly and even if they do you may have to join the queue for the weapons you need. Most of all though every penny you spend will be lost from the British economy. A strong economy, and strong industry and a strong Navy are all inextricably linked.

Michael Watson

Hi Mike
I agree with your comments.
Unfortunately we have a Government will probably not do much until it’s too late.
If they do anything will be slow and painful.

Michael Watson

This issue comes as no surprise, after years of running down the Royal Navy. Yes the RN and Government can resolve this issue if there is a degree of determination, properly worked out plan this can be sorted. Unfortunately I do not have much faith this will be dealt with and in a timely manner.

Michael Watson

I know this has nothing to do with the issue being discussed here. Must evenings I watch Sea Patrol ( Universal) at 5 pm. I quite enjoy watching the Australian Navy sorting out drug smugglers etc. It would great if something like this is done by the RN on BBC 1. I think this would help raise the RN public profile, awareness of what the navy does and help gain public support.


God help the RN if corbyn and his mob ever get into power the uk will have no chance

Michael Watson

Hi Keith
I do not think it is old fashioned thinking about fleets engaging to achieve blue water control. I think it is more to do with the overwhelming US Navy supremacy, however large numbers of ships is part of it but the political will to deploy and use must also be there. If not your enemies will start to take not in the classic blue water fleet engagement like Jutland but in more localised engagements. One to one or squadron size battles. I believe the risk of this happening has increased because the USA is not fully engaged in the middle east which as allowed Russia to fill the vacuum. How does the UK respond, well do nothing or at the very least equipe all is Destroyers and Frigates with the means to engage in such a conflict. This does need to be done in a timely manner not the usual practice of say 5 to 8 years.

Garry A Langmead

ffs , lead times . developement . ID the threats . 50 years of cutting budgets . mainly by tory governments . empty silos . no aircraft . helo gap . but blame Corbyn
are you an admiral ?


10 years behind Russia and China.
That is a catastrophic gap to have allowed develop. This comes from the folly in assuming we won the peace in 1989.
When you add in the Russian growth in officer corps, their long range ICBMs and Bomber force, I think we are in pretty deep.


For decades the Russians have been armed with a torpedo (the VA-111 Shkval) that can travel at 4 times the speed of the fastest NATO version. To date, NATO has failed to get near to matching this. I am confused why this is the case, especially as seeing ASW is such a central part of navel defence, and the UK has just attack 7 subs now. The last I remember was that the Russians were working on a torpedo that could exceed 340 MPH. Our own torpedo would probably struggle to keep up with a fleeing sprinting Russian frigate!


Very disturbing to read today that the type 26 Frigates are to be denuded of the mk 41 launch system.
If this ship is to stand a chance in any real war situation it needs proper armament. If this is the RAF again playing their old trick of emasculating the RN we need to have a really big row. Saying nothing costs lives in today’s head in the sand, pc environment.
I am sick of the RAF.


Ships not having anti-ship capability is nothing to do with RAF…it’s the dim naval top brass. They should fall on their swords if they can’t manage the RN effectively