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Why would any one join the UK services after they do this to one of their own who was serving in one of the most stressful theatres of war ever with one hand tied behind his back like they all have. Its a disgrace.

Sue C

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The statement “the most dangerous square mile in the world” should tell you all you need to know about Sgt Blackmans case. The Insurgents (MORE than one) were attacking, and the Apache fired on them, presumably with the intention of killing the threat. In a remote, highly dangerous war zone with “little regular contact with his command chain”. Sgt Blackman was responsible for the lives of those under his command. Had he lingered to ‘patch up’ the insurgent who may have been ‘mortally’ wounded, was he not putting the patrol at risk. It’s been stated that this insurgent was NOT alone. Had Sgt Blackman’s patrol been surrounded and killed or captured by the others in the area, we could now be reading the headline, Royal Marine’s fatal mistake cost’s the lives of six young Commando’s. Sgt Blackman’s record show’s the kind of man he is, not some young gun’ho hothead, but a good, honest, dedicated soldier, sent to a ‘hell hole’. The most baffling aspect of this is – “His defence that he believed the man to be already dead does not stand up in the face of what he was recorded saying by the helmet cam”. Well, I’ve listened to the audio released by the court, (It’s on YouTube) and SIX times it is stated that the insurgent has ‘passed’ or is dead. I’m not sure why this is considered to ‘not stand up’. Add to that, the fact that no body was found, therefore, no post mortem was carried out, where is the proof that the insurgent didn’t succumb to actions of the Apache, or indeed the proof that Sgt Blackman’s shot in fact killed him?


Thanks for your comments @HelenW.
While there is great sympathy for Sgt Blackman who should not be in prison, claims that the conviction should be overturned undermine the credibility of the campaign to free him, due to mitigating circumstances. Convicted and upheld on appeal, it is a legally sound judgement that would be almost impossible to overturn. Why shoot a man who is already dead?, why say to a man who is already dead “Shuffle of this mortal coil…” ? and why try to conceal your actions from the battlefield surveillance cameras?


NavyLookout by deliberately and vindictively publicly naming and shaming Marine A, you have condemned his young family forever. This family is getting hundreds of death threats per week. The families life is a living hell.. The family is distraught and struggling to come to terms with the appalling treatment by your government. Is this what you call justice? What have they done to the military. Does a family member have to be murdered before your government will consider protection. Which soldier family is your government going to target next for their political agenda because it has absolutely nothing to do with justice.

You know, Judge Blackett considers Marine A no better than a paedophile as he is being condemned and treated like one. This Marine will never get released as your government, justice system and MoD are vindictive.. Your justice system only protects paedophiles, convicted terrorist/extremist but you can’t be bothered to protect your own soldiers or their family. MoD, his own corp hierarchy and the government must be enjoying endangering this family as they are considered NO better than 2nd class citizens. You tell us this is legally sound. I think NOT.


Just to be clear this site is independent and has nothing to do with the MoD (or the Judiciary) and do certainly do not represent or agree with all their views.

We have not named Marine A!! His name is in the public domain (and is on every site supporting his case) thanks to a judicial decision to satisfy the media – something which can’t be undone but we agree is grossly unfair. We also fully agree the affect on him and his family are an appalling injustice.

Don’t shoot the messanger.

Lynda Bateson

This Marine’s treatment by MoD, gover’t and his own marine corp is utterly disgraceful. There are a number of failures with this case.

1. Both MoD/Maj Gen (involved in prosecuting Marine A) discussed their view point on Marine A in a vindictive and biased manner with the media prior to any sentencing. This is a very serious breach in sub-judice rule of law. We all know Marine A did not get a fair trial’. To say this conviction is sound is a load of garbage. *Breach sub-judice rule: *

2. I question the validity of the cam video. The video is of poor quality and I question the tampering of this video as it has passed through many hands. I DO NOT believe in coincidences. I have listened to the tape carefully. Marine A tells us 6 times he thought this Taliban Insurgent was dead. There are sections in the tape that is silent and seems like parts of it has been edited. I believe somebody has tampered with this video just to get a conviction.

The other problem I have is the Coroner saying Taliban Insurgent was alive. What I find extremely interesting, no autopsy was completed, no medical evidence was presented and the Taliban Insurgent was NOT identified. Hmmm, very interesting.

NavyLookout the conviction is unsound and a utter disgrace. Someone has tampered with the video. Explain why NO autopsy or NO medical evidence was presented at the trial. This video is of poor quality. You WILL NOT convince me otherwise. This conviction was politically motivated and you damn well know it. *

3. PTSD. This condition has been around well before WW1. There is no excuse for the ignorance of this condition. You have ‘Failed in your Duty of Care’ A……. Marine A lost his father and was quite distressed over it. Why was this NOT picked up? PTSD is triggered by an incident, situation or death of a family member. It can effect anyone, at any time. I believe Marine A had developed what we called ‘Belated PTSD’ prior to his 6th deployment. ……. B…… During his 6th deployment, Marine A was suffering from severe nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks etc. This was of course ignored throughout his deployment by his seniors. Through MoD’s arrogance and ignorance, it is costing soldiers dearly. You can’t pretend to keep covering this up. I have worked with PTSD for 20+ years. A soldiers will say they are fine, appear to behave normally and suddenly take their own life. If Marine A commits suicide in his cell, I hope you better have a damn good excuse. Take this as a WARNING, if you don’t think this can happen you are kidding yourself.

4. By identifying this Marine to the public, the WHOLE family are living in fear of death threats every day from extremist/convicted terrorist. The amount of death threats they get per week is unforgivable. The family have to live in constant fear. What amazes me, convicted terrorist have been released into the British community with their identities hidden. For example, 7 convicted terrorist who were involved in the London bombing in 2005 have been released in 2013 with their identities hidden. John Thuo, 27 was responsible for butchering or beheading 400 villagers in Nairobi. This gentleman has been granted asylum in Britain for 3 years.

So a question I would like to ask you, WHAT HOPE DOES THIS FAMILY HAVE? The family has NO hope in hell. This family is living in hell but I guess you don’t give a sh#t, do you. This treatment of this family is unforgivable and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.
This conviction is politically motivated, it has nothing to do with justice.

Jim E

lets be clear here. He was NOT tried by a jury of his peers.
Owing to the anomaly,y that Royal Marines (essentially seaborne Infantry Soldiers ) are technically Royal Navy Sailors he was tried by a jury of Naval Officers which included a nominal marine officer.
Point 1. All of the jury (board) were commissioned officers with no experience at all as platoon sergeant (Marine A’s job/role).
Point 2. None of them had served as Non-Commissioned Officers , with the pressures inherent in that role (I have and I know).
Point 3. Most of them had NEVER served as infantry (Job Def. “To close with the enemy and kill them”).
Point 4. None of them had ever been involved in so much as a firefight, yet alone close quarters combat.

A jury (board) of his peers would have consisted of Royal marine and Infantry NCO’s – as is the case in the USA I believe, where notably not one NCO has been convicted for similar actions.


Al’s family really appreciate all of the amazing support shown to them by people all across the world, including numerous commentators who use websites and blogs to comment on his case. However, I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it is when authors comment with authority on respectable sites when they do not know Al, his family or, importantly, the facts of the case. I completely appreciate you keeping his case in the public arena and the general support shown by your comments, but so many of your statements are inaccurate. Please be careful that you don’t report opinion as fact when you haven’t had access to the facts but have the power to influence many others. Thank you again for your support.


While we do not know the family, all content in this article is based on facts derived from the mainstream media reports (many of which are linked to from the Justice for Marine A website) AND the detailed court record of the trial and appeal case. If there significant inaccuracies or if you have “new” or additional facts that are not in the public domain then please email us or comment here.

John Hunter

As an ex serving soldier i have trouble understanding the actions of our superior officers actions knowing the level of mental stress in ordinary serving personel never mind our eliete troops…..does our top brass and our deplorable press organisations do they remember woolwich and the actions of that scumbag adebelageo and his coward accomplice in the killing and disrespectfull way they killed an undefenceable lee rigby…..i was trained at 17 training regt and depot and if i had been on gaurd duty on that fatefull dark day i would have personally without any doubt placed a 5.56mm in each of there subnormal heads….instead we the tax payer are being charged accumulitively in our taxes to keep them in a nice comfy prison cell fed watered heated and all the benifits that go with that….our powers that be should bow there heads and be totally ashamed of there selfs…..yet again our over streched forces sh*t on from above….did not see any of the prosecution serving in multiple front line combat zones….not one of them fit enough to lace marine A’s boots… glad im not a serving member of our hard working overstreached poorly equipped and seriously under payed loyal serving personel anymore…..#DISGRACEFULL