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Bloke down the pub

Some horrible salutes going on in some of those photos.


More than!


Have to agree :/


You are no doubt referring to photo of HMS Diamond, particularly the three on the left side of the picture. The one in the center, egads.

Trevor G

Love the top 2 photos: a serious chunk of metal, a proper Fleet Carrier. In a parallel universe, I could have been involved in building CVA01 so it’s something special to see what has been achieved. Well done to all concerned.


90 sorties over 15 days, averaging 4 sorties a day. Not pushing any limits yet.


Was there a close to the shoreline sail by on Northern Cyprus, you know the part invaded, and occupied by Turkey just to show them that infractions of a sovereign nations territory wont be tolerated?


The picture of Defender and the dutch AD frigate ( its neither HNMLS nor Eversen) going past Istanbul makes you wonder why they couldnt have been the same hull.

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Indeed.. there’s of course a good reason why most modern European frigates/destroyers look-a-like:


De Zeven Provinciën-class frigates are very much what the RN wanted in a T42 replacement. But Sea Viper became everything. As I have said here before T45 is a specialist aerospace defence vessel that in war would have to be escorted itself. Sea Viper at the moment is worth it, but 10 years from now, who knows? As I have also said we would have been getting on the AEGIS train. DZP’s are fantastic. A bit short legged for the RN that sees 8,000nm range as a yardstick.


Same hull and similar superstructure doesnt mean same weapons and radar ( though they do have the similar S1850 flat plate system). Extra range could be worked out some how, the Type 22s and 41s were stretched enough for different reasons.
I have a feeling the WR21 was something the RN was fixated on and decisions to go it alone for a hull flowed from that


Great photo essay as usual. Thanks!


Great photos and reporting – thanks!

In The Bin

I like that, I can see the searchlight and navigation lanterns I sold to the Georgian Coastguard front and centre in that picture.