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Harry Nelson

As the great Kylie once stated “Better the devil you know”….. Be interesting to see how he does, hopefully he’ll be given a fair chance. (standby for harassment tales)


Only just heard about him, and, apart from the idea floating around that he suggested Fallon be kicked out just before Fallon announced his resignation, and the fact that he may have nominated himself for promotion, he creeps me out. Seriously… who keeps a tarantula called cronus on their desk, that thing would give me a heart attack. But in all seriousness, despite how much I hate him already, I do hope that he can at least mitigate any cuts to the navy.


“While wrong-doing cannot be ignored, especially by those in the most senior positions, it might be helpful for those passing instant judgement to remember that our leaders are people too. Whether Secretary of state or captain of a nuclear submarine, it can be a lonely job, working long hours away from home and subject to enormous pressures. Let he who is innocent cast the first stone”
Why can’t you blame the person instead of the job, do all MP’s and RN Captains get their end away at work? Cheat on their wives? Make unwanted sexual advances?
Let’s be honest here and blame the actual person, it’s his fault he can’t keep it in his pants, it’s him being unprofessional and it’s him that can’t handle the pressures of the job.
In both cases they are representing the country in the biggest way possible, anything other than 100% professionalism is unnaceptable.
This new appointment has been with absolutely no consideration of the countries defence. It’s just to shore up the PMs position.
What a sorry state this country is in at the moment.


Given the lack of commentary by Gavin Williamson on defence, all we can do is wait and see what he first says, then on what he does. What is the point in doubting the man before he has said or done anything regarding defence. All that does is further the negative attitude that pervades this and other sites comments sections. Just give the man a chance, then disagree with him if you don’t like what he says and does. Just give him a chance.

Ian Willis

Fallon was a media savvy lightweight. The MOD deserves better.
Fallon become carried away with the role, enjoying too much of the trappings, saluting a military parade or kitted out in combat uniform.
But he was never a member of the armed forces. The standards he was required to uphold were those of a parliamentarian and a human being and he failed to pass muster.

Steve R

At least he stuck to a consistent line – and was actually one of the few voices in government to actually advocate increased defence spending! Sometimes it’s ‘better the devil you know’! Yes, the forces DO deserve better, but who in the Government HAS ever served in uniform? At least Fallon had been in the job long enough to learn something about it. Only time will tell whether his replacement will last as long, or whether the job will just be another tick on his CV. Perhaps we should beware another old adage ‘a new broom sweeps clean…..’


At leat he is in with the PM. Last thing defence needs is one of the PM’s enemies put in place to maintain “balance”.


May be he is there to review the Foreign Aid budget and suggest 1 bn moved over to Defence. May be.


“It seems likely that further significant cuts to the RN are likely by the end of the year”… God God, what is left to cut? The RN is now down to 17 surface combatents, of which less than half can quick sortie. When the QE goes out for her first deployment, will it be American warships that escort her? Further cuts to what is already thread bare? What daft times we live in.


In 2030, the RN section of Jane’s Fighting Ships, Strength of the Fleet: H.M.S Queen Elizabeth & Prince of Wales, apparently that’s all we can afford! Someone have the courage to cut the welfare state.

Ian Willis

There is no appetite in the country to cut the welfare budget and put more money into defence.
The Conservatives will even lose to Corbyn if they put that into their manifesto.
The country has suffered greatly since the financial crisis and there just isn’t the stomach to get involved in another war.


Who is saying anything about a war? My concern is having the ability to defend the UK’s home waters!


Ian only some in this country suffered and the cuts in 2010 were so poorly thought through many are being reversed perhaps with the exception of defence. I think the benefits cap was more popular than many think particularly with many low paid workers but just cutting welfare and not addressing tax avoidance, corporate cronyism with multinational businesses raising prices in a fixed market and those on high pay in the public sector not being tackled has left the Tories on the verge. Sadly Corbyn is not the answer.

David Flandry

“QE will have 12 reconditioned Fairy Swordfish, an aircraft with a proven record in combat. The new Type 31 frigate will be a low carbon footprint three-masted sloop, armed with 8 pounders. New seamen will be classified as Robotsmen.


Reconditioned Swordfish? They would probably have a low radar signature lol. Perhaps we could cobble together a tranch of reconditioned Lancasters while we are at it.


Simply kill off foreign aid and spend it on Defence. Simples!

Steve R

Just an Interesting thought…of all the worlds larger nations, those outside the EU on the whole put more emphasis on defence – might that also have to be the case for the UK post Brexit?