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I’m in the Royal Canadian Navy, on the HMCS Regina. We were at sea 10-13 March and were told while on that sail we would likely do a quarantine sail of 28 days at some point. So we got told on the 13 we would pull along side and go home but would leave for 28 days on the 23 of March. On 16 March we were told we would leave 20 March for no less than 50 days (no port visits).
Point of this, the RCN decided we would be fine to be alongside our homeport for a week prior to sailing in an effort to keep us healthy. 99% sure they screwed that one up. And it’s a bigger hit to morale because the rest of the Canadian Armed Forces were told to stay home starting 14 March for a minimum of three weeks! So I miss out on free leave days! Argh!

Dave Cullen

Im curious what they are gonna do about the carriers as there are more than 500 onboard. PoW remains at sea (self isolation?) Whilst QE remains alongside.


Im curious as to whether leave will be stopped for sailors onboard ships alongside Portsmouth for 12 weeks. That will be great morale for sailors and there’s families.


Seems to be being decided on a case-by-case basis. Units due to deploy may very well quarantine their crews to avoid taking an infection with them, others alongside for some time for maintenance etc. seem to be dropping down to minimum manning and rotating duty watches about.

Ultimately it depends on what’s defined as essential or not. I would argue that the longer the current situation goes on for, the shorter the list of what’s truly essential becomes, especially if the government requires military support.


I’ think the’ll be sunk


USS Boxer has had a positive. That ship has a crew of 1200 and close to 3000 if it has a full Marine Combat group aboard.


Sorry but that’s just untrue. Serious manning issues are on the horizon with people either being self-isolated or forced to stay at home to care for family.


Arent there vastly more people in the RN than berths on ships and only a few ships are sea at any one time. Must be within the capability to manage most occasions


RN medical could arrange testing of crew before they deploy, as having someone on a ship with the virus is the worst case.


Both the work up exercises and the planing of the “down route” activities for the 2021 carrier group deployment are almost bound to be impacted.
It would not surprise me if in order to back the deployment a “Big Deal” in PR, Diplomatic and Military terms it is put back a year.

Steve Taylor

Has anybody told the boat on CASD not to come back…….better word that signal carefully…


I heard earlier that 2 US Seaflift Command Hospital ships were being included in their response. I checked and RFA Argus is home at Plymouth 😊 While not a Hospital ship as she has a pair of 20mm guns, Argus is very well equipped to support medical endeavours ashore. Coronavirus on a Vanguard Sub….easy….Novovirus however…thats a way to incapacitate a sub lol 😆 Question for anyone who knows…how many Toilets per sub does the RN have???? 😁


I’m sure they are looking at using Argus if neccessary, however she can only provide a maximum of about 120 beds (if memory serves me, its been awhile) and they would have to find the medical staff from somewhere as they are not normally part of the ships complement. Perhaps she could find a role in a lightly populated, remote area such as the Western Isles?


She has 10 intensive care beds, which is more than most hospitals in the UK. She may well be pressed into action.


So dragon has been confined to HMS Drake the past week and yet Drake is open freely allowing entry and exit. So how is that helping🤔


We need a vaccination found. Let’s hope we british make one, after all we created the vaccine


In the 1780s no less. Interestingly, Napoleon vaccinated most of his soldiers with it- while at war with Britain. But he did release 2 English POWs at Jenner’s request. – Wikipedia


The country is under attack. 1408 innocent civilians have died.

Yet not one bullet, canon, missile or nuke has been launched at the enemy. Not one.

It’s a disgrace! It’s almost like the Navy can’t fight back against this foe. That all that useless expenditure on rusting ship hulks would have been better spent on more Doctors,, Nurses and PPE equipment. Even hand sanitisers and loo roll would have been a better spend…..

Where are all the Hooray Henry’s speaking of 3% GDP spend on defence now? Lining up for emergency NHS appointments, I bet!


Ahhh…the joys of Statistics and data sets.
They can be made to read whatever you want.

Try this out.
Driving and road safety in the UK will be some of the best in the world next year. There will be considerably less than the current average of 3000 deaths per year on the roads . So the roads must be safer …Yes?

The UK will be one of the healthiest countries in the world for having reduced the number of deaths in the 50+ age group in Heart Disease, Cancer and Dementia. …isnt that great?

Statistics in isolation with no reference are dangerous and cause more problems than they solve.

As for fighting this foe, the armed forces are organising the provision of emergency hospitals in 3 locations. Military staff working alongside the NHS on wards, Delivering millions of items of PPE to where the NHS tell them they want it ( and there in is the weak link…the NHS organising things), providing airlift facilities whilst still doing their core business all around the world.


Here are more stats you won’t like. We spend £2 billion on Trident and we can’t give all our frontline NHS staff goggles, masks, gloves and aprons.

Instead we are literally sending Doctors and nurses to their deaths via contracting Covid.

There is something simply and fundamentally wrong with this country.


The NHS got 139billion pounds last year, so you’re little massaging of figures trying to make tridents expenditure look huge is a waste Putin stooge.