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Geoff Dutton

Obviously the anti hunt lobby are in the MoD!!


Brilliant- the poem in meant. The press handouts are becoming more dishonest each day.
Why aren’t these ships kept and put into store. They are constructed of fibreglass and easy to preserve. But no Flog them off MOD (More than One Disaster co).


A great piece … Kipling would have approved.
On a serious note though STRN, if the rumour is true and these minesweepers and HMS Scott are sold, it is not only disingenuous of Fallon to keep talking about a growing Royal Navy, but a lie … how can these people be held to account? If there cliched ridden mantra was a radio ad, you could complain to an ombudsman about misleading the public…
It wont end here either, no doubt bean counters have decided there is no point in refitting T23s, suggesting instead the jam tomorrow that is that T31 (I refuse to use the ‘e’ as there will be no exports) will replace ‘like for like’ earlier than planned and so retire them earlier, but this will be only exist on a powerpoint plan, and the next SDSR will reduce the fleet further.
The bean counter will also insist on further reducing the amphibious fleet, as they will argue, the admiralty have decided to reduce the number of Royal Marines, and from there it will become a self fulfilling prophecy, as their logic will be flawless, as we have fewer marines, we will need further fewer supporting ships, until we dont have enough ships to support amphibious landings, so might as well discard RM entirely…
The only thing keeping the Royal Navy from becoming a coast guard are two carriers and 4 submarines,
It is a disgrace.

William Harding

I’m afraid to say how I feel about all the cutbacks and will probably never recover from the short sighted mindless Grim Reapers who are In control of the defence of this country
. My. Days on this earth are nearly over and I am saddened by what was once a Proud Nation.


How can a plastic SRMH (Sandown class) rot?
Also you state three are going but mention only Atherstone and Quorn?

Peter Holt

The MOD is doing to the RN what no other enemy in history has ever achieved. So many ships gone and not a shot fired in anger, probably sold the ammo of for some G&T’s.

David Graham

And so it goes on and on…………….lies from Fallon and the First Sea Lord. Watch this space and see what the 1SL says when he is safely retired.
A question I have posed before and NEVER received a straight answer is “what happened to the vast stock of Soviet mines, some pretty sophisticated pieces of kit too, when the Soviet Union collapsed? Did they just evaporate?
Some day, terrorists will find out how easy it is to bring an economy to its knees by simply suggesting, never mind laying, mines in approaches to container ports and gas terminals, as examples.


Are these getting done away with in order to put money in the bank to buy unmanned MCM systems that can be deployed from the Bays in the General Purpose Frigates?? …. Still does not excuse the gapping tho. My major concern is that the shortage of hulls will not allow the concurrent execution of other demanding tasks.


Ron, I think you are right. They are getting well ahead of themselves with unmanned capability. Its not mature enough. Interestingly there is a lot of export interest in these great ships as other navies know there is a lot of life left in them

Geoffrey Hicking

This may only show my arrogance, but certain platforms might be already being designed as motherships for drones. A certain RN expert I talked to some years ago said that Astute’s internal bay was well suited for holding drones. Pity the torpedo tubes limit the size they can carry, but we are where we are.
The danger is that future ‘motherships’ are cut and the capacity of drones to serve from such platforms are overestimated. Thus more motherships get scrapped and the drones become overworked. There is also not enough evidence to suggest they cut down on manpower either.
Even if drones become dominant in naval warfare, such a time is some way off, and we will be stuck with a navy that is very, very, good- but overstretched and beyond.
Meh, I’m sure I’m wrong. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary though.
P.s.: Apologies for being patronising to you gentlemen earlier.


How does the proposed ship/boat numbers fit into the rule of 3 where you need three ships to maintain a viable at sea fleet. Two carriers, eight type 26, five type 31 and seven astute. Only the type 45s appear to fit the rule. Anyone know why this is?


1 Type 45 is forever out of action while they all have to have their engines ripped out due to reliability issues as well as the 45s being a hindrance to Anti Sub Warfare as they make enough noise to be heard 100miles away. let alone the fact that they only have 8 elderly Harpoon Anti Ship missiles to sink anything with. The Type 45 cant currently carry the upcoming RGM 109 Anti ship missile variant Tomahawk….which the Arleigh Burkes will have. The Type 45 was built to fight the Falklands war….it is toothless is Surface and Subsurface combat. Did you know that during a US weapons test at RIMPAC an Olly Hazard Frigate took 7 Harpoon direct hits and it still didn’t sink…it had to be torpedoed lol


At this rate the RN will be the Royal Bathtub Navy….The UK deserves to get thrashed Navally. The US Coast Guard could beat the RN without any help from the Somali Pirates


The older I get the more I believe there is a coterie of traitors in high positions at the heart of the body politick in old England. We suffer from full spectrum institutionalised incompetence at all levels within government of all political hues.
Unfortunately, the measures necessary to correct this situation cannot be applied in a democracy.


When we’re short of a quid what must we do?
We need to have scrutiny ,audit and examination of how the defence budget has been reduced and the reasons for this reduction. Both in overall budget and what is now allocated against the defence budget which previously was not.
These reasons and budget allocations have then to be tested to show if they are valid or not.
We seem to be happy with accepting that another ship can be cut here or we can stumble on with Harpoon for another few years as we accept that there is no money and defence must suffer further cuts. We try to get by without X for a few years so we can fund Y. This is gambling with the defence and interests of the nation. Years of under investment are now taking their toll. We can no longer accept these cuts.
I believe we must challenge the current position of cuts in defence and lobby for defence spending to be raised to help correct the folly of previous under investment.