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Ian Willis

A heart warming tale of duty, perseverance and technical excellence spoilt by the warmongering at the end.

‘peace since 1945 thanks to our Nuclear Deterrent’

Peace is not maintained by a few countries holding nuclear weapons and denying the same to others. It’s human nature to want parity. Power dynamics change eg. Germany is on the up and Britain in decline. Hence we have India, Pakistan, North Korea and South Africa seeking and developing these weapons capable of ushering in Armageddon.

Geoffrey Hicking

I am not fit to clean this man’s boots, but I do know that its thanks to people like him that we are safe and prosperous. I hope he is enjoying an honourable retirement.

Eric Thompson

Thanks Geoffrey for your kind words. As I was born during Word War 2 and grew up in the immediate aftermath of it, the concept of our country being under threat during the Cold War was very much more real to me than it has been for later generations, thank goodness. Thanks to nuclear deterrence, the Cold War ended peacefully after 46 years; that is a miracle. In the nineteenth century, people in Western Europe thought that war could never happen again here; that we had evolved beyond war – oh no we had not. One of my two main motives for writing ‘On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service’ was ‘lest we forget’. (The other was just let the other 99.99% of the population have an insight into what submariners were doing on their behalves to maintain our peace). Apologies for this late comment, I’ve only just discovered this website

BTW, I’m pleased to tell you that I am enjoying a most thoroughly dishonourable retirement!

Iqbal Ahmed

I don’t think it wise for this site to use this officer’s long and esteemed service to argue for the nuclear deterrence. The reason the navy is short on ships, munitions and men is because of the cost of the deterrence. It’s really crass to then ask for more money. The navy knew what is was doing.


What would be advantageous for Russia … no GB deterrent.

Up Pops Iqbal the troll with his plausible-sounding “fake News” – strengthen the conventional Navy by getting rid of the deterrent.

This is a fun game!