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Jonathan Amos

Risking war with Russia is a mistake.


I’d be concerned about 1. Location of Kilo’s when firing TLAMs 2. Why RAF Akrotiri has no SAM cover


Agreed Richard. It appears the Kilo has left tarsus going operational..together with other AA-capable surface vessels more than able to act as screens against TLAMs?
P8 patrols and AWACs have been active just off Syria in last 24 hrs.


Ideally we should have had the assets to keep track of the Kilos. Unfortunately we may have cut to much.

A few more subs would definitely come in handy now. Also Supports the case for fitting strike length VLS to a couple of the T31 at least.


Let’s whisper this quietly, can the Russians be telling the truth about Syrian gas attack.
A Russian general said a few weeks ago American advisors were training rebels to handle nerve agents. This really stinks like an old kipper.
Could this be a false flag job.
We all know the people with form.
These people know how bone headed the British and American leadership are.
(Boris Johnson is in a class of his own. )
Fill their heads with false facts which can easily be checked but not, press their buttons and point them in the right direction, job done.


Nah – the Russian’s have been sending false flag propaganda through their bot farms for weeks before the attack. Not just this false flag, but many others. Trademark Russian behaviour.

Syria just highlights to me how thin our assets are. Warning after warning but nowt from the Govt.

Await the MDP in a couple of months…


Pity this didn’t come about in the 1970s… least we had a Navy…..I know…I was in it!!!!


In 1970 the Royal Navy still had 75 minesweepers.


It turns out there were no British submarines available for operations.