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Just perhaps they are being lenient for a reason. If he were to stand trial the public would demand it was not a Military trial and be open and transparent.
Perhaps we would then see other submariners have the courage to tell the truth, and again perhaps his dossier would be seen in a wider context.
Of course there will be those in the branch who would rather keep their heads down, especially the Officers, who know all to well the real truth.

Tim Hale

Rather than pour scorn upon a whistle-blower, the allegations should be thoroughly reviewed rather than the usual lip-service investigation. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with reporting concerns, recently RAF Lossiemouth grounded its fleet after a junior NCO expressed concerns on the fit for purpose methods of maintenance – his concerns were valid. Moreover, I regard the level of comment to this incident to be immature and reflecting poorly on any naval connection.


Well hes not going to get a fair hearing on a pro-trident site like this one.


Screw your pro-nuclear weapons agenda. Either use it or say it has stopped North Korea’s nuclear weapons technology.