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Silent Majority


Iqbal Ahmed

Hope they recover soon.
Good lesson to the tax exiles in the Virgin Islands about the importance of paying tax for the navy to assist and provision of basics.

David Stephen

Jesus, you really are an odious little toad. So its a good lesson for people to have their homes and possessions damaged or destroyed because they live in an area with different tax laws? Where is the lesson anyway? If you are insinuating that the people there don’t pay enough tax (which you are) why would they need to pay more? They got the aid anyway. Try thinking your nonsense through.

Iqbal Ahmed

Wealthy British tax exiles deliberately hide their money away from the taxman in havens, such as those in the Caribbean. This means less money for government expenditure on things like the navy (perennial issue for purposes of moaning on this site) and disaster relief. These havens themselves are usually low income tax zones as well.
Hopefully, now seeing how useful these public sector organisations are in aiding them in their time of need, hopefully these 1%ers will be more willing to pay their way in future. Why should other less well off taxpayers carry them?
As for being an ‘odious little toad’, how old are you? A 5 year old?


They must have done some good, but I have to say that it does have a bit of a token PR look to it.


Yes a token effort just a 16,000t lsd a 22,000t lph (fleet flagship) 10 helicopters and several hundred personnel. Oh I forgot the token RAF airlift! Are you just being ignorant or are you just stupid? Of Course amphibious capability is just so yesterday


While I am sure that they did do some skilled jobs, the pictures show them putting up tents and banging in nails. I’m sure that it was appreciated, but I think that the locals could have coped with that by themselves.

Silent Majority

Never a good deed…
I thought pictures might have worked as you never actually seem to read any of the material. I suggest you go back and do so, then you will know what they have been up to.
Shame there are so many when there are problems, which is right but so few when things go very well indeed (which is often).

Silent Majority


Anton Deque

Very proud of you U.K. forces. Well done!


Meanwhile drunken HMS Diamond sailors taken back to ship by Italian police for urinating in the street. Bears shit in the woods.


You really are an odious little man that seems to have nothing better to do than spew negative and often irrelevant comments against the RN.
1. What an earth does HMS Diamond in Italy have to do with this article about disaster relief in the Caribbean.
2. You have obviously never served in the military. Service personnel have no union; spend months away from friends and family; are confined inside a steel cage (RN), living with many others with virtually no personal space provided; are paid 24/7 (no overtime, unsocial hours) and often work more than 60 hour weeks. Therefore, when they get chance for some rest and recuperation they enjoy it (Work hard, play hard). Occasionally a very small minority do behave poorly when under the influence but are dealt with (normally leniently) because the local authorities in naval ports understand sailors. Notwithstanding the lenient treatment from civil authorities, the same individuals will be suffering punishment at Captain’s Table as a result. Furthermore, bearing in mind the number of “runs ashore” by RN personnel throughout the year, only a very few instances result in this behaviour and it is always seized upon by the media that are always happy to trash the services. Nothing is ever reported about the same service personnel helping schools, orphanages and charities because the media only like bad news reporting.
3. Contrast this with the behaviour of their civilian counterparts who you can see every weekend, in every town or city, assaulting members of the public and fighting but this is rarely reported except for the rare occasions that the media have a particular axe to grind (against university students for example).
Servicemen and women should be commended for their hard work and dedication. They do a difficult job in demanding circumstances and should not be condemned by the likes of you. Grubbie by name, Grubbie by nature.