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Looking forward to more photos like these with the F35s. Keep up the good work.

Gavin Gordon

See POW is out

Gavin Gordon

Beg pardon, ‘fake news’


@STRN: Annapolis is part of Maryland, not Washington. The way you’ve written it makes it sound like next month HMS QE will have transited through the Panama canal, and up past the entire coast of California.


She’s been working hard! A quick transit up the St Lawrence, followed by a hiking holiday over the Rockies would be just the ticket


Thoroughly enjoyed this article, the great pictures really make it. Many thanks.

Mike O

Pictures like these demonstrate just how much diplomatic power these ships will have. It is very impressive.


Tideforce still doesn’t have CIWS I see. Sure would be nice if our warships had weapons.


Edited as I’m incorrect. However, Tideforce is a RFA rather than a warship.


RFA vessels would still be required to go into hostile situations in order to support the combat vessels. The Bay class can carry amphibious assault forces (Tanks etc.). The enemy will draw little distinction between the RFA and the RN so neither should we.


RFA ships are warships!


Dragon has no anti ship missiles either!


Tragic isn’t it.


RFAs don’t routinely equip CIWS unless operating East of Suez. As TFCE is operating away from this area, CIWS aren’t needed.


Installing CIWS isn’t exactly a quick job. Should an event happen somewhere in the world where the RN is needed, the reality is that many ships would need to undergo maintenance prior to deployment, it’s nonsensical. If they’re in active service then they should be fit for purpose and ready to defend themselves, that means having CIWS (and other appropriate weapon systems) pre-installed.


Ah but these ships likely aren’t ever going to go into action against an enemy that can shoot back…so a lack of CIWS is understandable.

John Clark

It’s great to see the QE class really getting into their swing.

Great photo essay, as Mike said, these ships are great UK ambassadors for the UK.


Why do they keep refuelling lizzy on her starboard side, I was under the impression she had two liquid stations on her port side (one on starboard). The idea being that the starboard side would mainly handle solids via hangers.


RASing from the starboard side of the Carrier enables the ships bridge team to easily observe the evolution something they wouldn’t be able to do if things were the other way round i.e. its safer and easier. This, I would expect will be the preferred method except when:

1. Performing RAS(L) and RAS(S) simultaneously (three ship RAS).

2. RASing large quantities of two seperate grades of fuel (F76 and F44 together) in which case two replenishment rigs will be required (AOs starboard side to CV port side)