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why the marine, for heavy lifting?


Someone has to repel the masses!!


Impressive is the comment that “…The original liquid cargo tanks at the stern have been converted to additional fuel tanks, giving the XV a range of over 6,000 nautical miles if such long transits were ever needed.

42 m long small vessel with 6000+ nm, coupled with Axe-bow low acceleration characteristics, looks like a great opportunity. How about buying another 2 or 3 Damen FCS 4008 (let’s build it at Appledor or Mersyside), and sending them to Caribbean?

Nick B

Ideal build at Appledore, truth be known, could upscale to the proper Corvette style weight and build at least two side by side, and re ignite naval warship building in England again. Quite why everything has to be built in Scotland I’ll never know, Their Political leaders seem to either hate us or don’t even want to say thanks for all the employment and revenue they gain whilst England has nothing apart from the painfully slow roll out of sinky boats.


Its 180 tonnes DWT. Theres no ‘upscaling’ required , the idea is quite ridiculous

Even the smallest Damen warship design , below their Corvette option ( 91m) , the ‘fast combatant’ is 61 m


Why does everything else get built in England? To say England
has nothing is wrong! Ask BAE and Babcock why they are in Scotland


Why do need 2 more patrol ships in the Caribbean?
If anything the U.K. could do with an “aid ship” capable of supporting helicopters and putting engineer plant and relief supplies across a beach or into a damaged port.


Just an idea.

Two Damen FCS 4208 vessels to replace HMS Medway. 18×2 = 36 crew, no increase.

Two 24-30knots vessels with good see-keeping (not as good as River B2, of course), will be better in counter smuggler operations.

In Hurricane season, a big ship will come to help them (the same to now). Two FCS will provide support to minor locations, in corporation with the big ship.

And, what is more, within a few years, River B2s will be going into long maintenance. It it is as short as a half a year, 5 ships need 2.5 years. Relieving Medway will enable other assets to remain at their tasks.

Yes, 6th River B2 can do most of the tasks shown here. But, if Damen FCS 4208 also be adopted as UKBF cutters, then commonality will help a bit.

Anyway, just one possibility.


One issue with ships this size is the lack of social space for the crew. If you were to be able to put two sea boats in the water for boarding ops and run the ship away from home base your going to need a crew of 25/30 and not 18. You could do Caribbean patrol with something smaller than a B2, but it would need to be much bigger than this for the accommodation to be up to par for today’s RN.


Your are right.

So, if it is 18, it can operate only one RHIBs. The second asset to support boarding will be the FCS 4008 itself. River B2 is too large to do this, but I think FCS4008 can.

If you need more, just send two FCS 4008s. Even with two hull with 18 crews each, the total crew size is the same to that of River B2.

And, if it is 18, I understand FCS4008 has large enough accommodation area.

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“Support for PODs will be embedded from the outset in the Type 26 and Type 31 frigates”

That’s good news.

Nick B

Jeesus, that’s way plusher than in my days.

Armchair Admiral

That’s a serious captains chair. Almost like a waterborne typhoon seat.
I didn’t see a cup holder for the Kye though..


comment image?itok=fKL4b7Vf

New Italian PPA class.


Yeah that was quite a surprise. An behind it a sort of elevated position like the Enterprise bridge in Star Trek.


I couldn’t find a really nice pic to convey what it looks like. But it is fantastic. This is a rendering of the layout sort of ………

comment image

I remember my dad being disappointed with the bridge of Type 22’s when I took on a Navy Days visit. He had never been near a warship before. He found it less than impressive. He did like the bridge of the River class. I did explain that the bridge didn’t really perform much of a function now beyond a conning position. I went on to talk about RN experiments fitting frigates with periscopes in ops. And of course submarines had the teeniest tiny bridges of all.


Yeah that was the image i saw too, thanks.


The position is the commander btw.


6,000 nm. a just in case or for a actual operational need?

Supportive Bloke

They might want to run out somewhere and test something persistently?

I don’t think all these drones will all be four hour duration battery power jobs. There will be fuel cells to trickle recharge with high power batteries for burst. May not be hydrogen fuel cells but methanol as per early NASA ones?


If you needed to test something the was difficult to ship in different climatic conditions to those in the U.K.then you might need to send this ship to the conditions.


I looked up what became of the research vessel Triton, and if anyone wants it, it’s for sale. I wonder what happened to the idea of multihulls. It seemed to be in fashion for a while in the 2020s with Triton, the Independence class, and the Russian hull-and-a-half carrier design, but nobody’s offering them as naval designs anymore.


*correction: in the 2000s


They offer no room for modification. The short fat superstructure isn’t ideal for sensor and weapon arcs.


There was some consideration given to buying Triton for Navy X. Trouble was, she’s now an old ship, needs more crew and the owners wanted a hefty wedge, related to purchase of Gardline by Boskalis.

Never a runner, beyond one or two fevered imaginations. What is interesting is that Navy X allegedly used SALMO as their customer friend, as opposed to the IFC mafia.

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Interesting article, would be really great to see an article about “server” installations in the RN i.e. the IT components of various fighting ships, which has never been covered. I read in passing that the Ford has the equivalent of a current supercomputer on board, it would be interesting to see how the QE class compare. As an aside I also read recently that the MOD received their first Quantum computer this year. Any news on that?


Good luck with that! I suspect security would say NO.


As someone who worked in IT (Risk Management) I don’t think an holistic description of system and type of platforms used and levels of development are going to be of any danger to systems integrity.


You could read the Defence Digital strategy, a new release of which should be coming out sometime soon. It’s largely a rehash of NEC from the noughties, which was cancelled (remember the “we only need six T45s because they’ll be networked and awesome” thing?), but it made a comeback a couple of years ago. It doesn’t have the detail you might be looking for, it’s more aspirational and buzzword laden, but cross-service networked capability would be very welcome if they can pull it off this time. There’s also a data strategy and an AI strategy that I’ve been meaning to get around to.

Ry s

Could you land a wildcat on the back for vertical replenishment and evacuation ? I get it doesn’t have facilities to actually embark for long periods.


Certainly not with the current rails. In the unlikely event of replenishment it like rescue would be done via winch.