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Great reports and photo!


Fantastic photo journalism!
In the photo with the F/A-18s, EA-18 Growlers and US & UK F-35s, if you look behind the planes, you can see a MH-60R flying below!
Sri Lanka needs new ships. The SLNS Samudura is an old US USCG Reliance-class Medium Endurance Cutter, launched in 1967!

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The USCG has had some pretty ships down the years.

Captain P Wash

Pretty much the same age as the IAF Jaguars, it’s strange to see them flying with F35’s.

Captain P Wash

“Grandad”, “yes son”, “is it true you were on HMS Diamond during CSG21” ? “I don’t want to talk about it “


I wish there was a like button still…

Captain P Wash

Ah, the dreaded Like Button…… It was Me that got it all taken off the UKDJ site on account that the Admin and ” I’ve Degree in Cyber” stuff bloke/women, just could not control ….. hence all the Trolling and abuse of the Feature…. despite my concerns/messages to them over a period of about 4 years……. So nice to look back at all my efforts and to see that despite the cleaning up of said Trolls, I was promptly Banned….. It takes a Higher level of intellect to understand the whole Psyche that exists in the world of Internet Sites such as these……. It’s also just so nice to be able to still read every post and lol…………………. As for any Replies to this… ? I really don’t care, you are just internet folk like the rest of us……


I was banned too! For taking about Covid and how I didn’t trust the vax.


I don’t blame you get the telegram app search for mark Steele also look up Dr

Tim W

Excellent photos and look forward to seeing more as they move on .


Great photo’s and clearly a fantastic achievement all round.

All the same it’s pretty disappointing to read that the single British participant for the Five Powers 50th anniversary exercise was Diamond and she had to return to Singapore. Getting the full CSG involved would have sent a much more impressive and symbolic message about cooperation and the value of defence partnerships.

Paul Burch

I think there’s some Mig 29’s in that last formation too.


Are they the carrier version ?


What a waste of money. We have so many problems closer to home. The country is reeling from a poor Covid response leading to 140,000 deaths, petrol shortages, empty supermarket shelves, businesses leaving the country and general post Brexit doldrums.

Yet we are are expected to cheer for this frippery that risks confrontation with a Superpower in their backyard. If we can have overseas territories then so can China. Leave the local countries and the US to deal with Chinese expansionism. Britain simply doesn’t have the economic power to pay for a large enough navy to maintain any serious naval presence in the Pacific. What international influence and prestige we had through the EU is gone now. We even made enemies of France, the only European country with a permanent presence in the region thanks to the Aukus fracas. And the Chinese are fully aware of the purely symbolic nature of these exercises.

Defence policy should be based on the real needs of the country, not a gimmick to try to make out that ‘Global Britain’ and Brexit have been a success when it clearly hasn’t. Even the only semi-tangiable success, Aukus, has yet to yield anything of substance. Aukus could easily end up with no submarines at all or only minor work for the UK compared to the US. Nuclear submarines are much more complicated and resource intensive than conventional ones.


Thats right, things that happen in the Far East are not our business because it doesn’t affect us. We should worry about big problems closer to home, like …. the Wuhan virus. And that place in China’s backyard – is it the same place that produces over 50% of the worlds semiconductor chips ? Why would that worry us, we’ve got horses, carriages ….


Don’t worry about the virus it was downgraded by .gov U.K. in March 2020 as no more virulent than the common cold it’s the vaccine that’s killing people


What international influence and prestige we had through the EU is gone now. 

You stupid ignorant fool.

dick van dyke

Much of it was taken away when we joined, truth be known. Onwards and upwards from now on.


I don’t understand your comment here X. Surely, what he says is strictly true: the international influence and prestige we had as members of the EU we no longer have now we aren’t members any more. Maybe you read this comment as meaning: “now we’re no longer in the EU, we no longer have any influence or prestige”, which of course would not be true. But that’s not what he said. He’s simply pointing out the surely undeniable, that whatever additional influence we had as EU members is now gone.

dick van dyke

Re-moaner per chance ?


Its fine if you don’t agree with properly funding our armed forces: then fair enough. Defence spending has reduced 10% in the last decade – despite the fact we have been at war – whilst NHS spending has increased 40%, so your certainly in line with the zeitgeist and our Government!

But this website is for people who believe we should have strong defence, possibly focused around a strong Navy or, failing that people who just enjoy some awesome pictures of some gorgeous ships and aircraft (from loads of different nations who value working with us….)


Didnt defence get another cut in the budget, only area to aswell…


Ugh. Where to begin with you…
“Problems closer to home…” – there are always “problems” & if we wait for utopia to be achieved before attempting to move forward, we’d still be living in caves & would have never have been to the moon.
“Poor Covid response…” – We’re 27th in deaths per million and that’s based on erroneous reporting. I don’t agree with lockdowns or shutting the economy but “140,000 deaths” is meaningless without context.
“Petrol shortages, empty Supermarket shelves…” of what? Toilet roll caused by panic buying? Petrol caused by panic buying? Maybe stop watching mainstream media. Both issues caused by a shortage of HGV drivers (which is a Europe wide phenomenon) and exacerbated by the news fear-mongering. Other shortages are a logistics issue caused by the world shutting down.
“Businesses leaving the country…” – who? What catastrophic effect can you demonstrate? Show us the receipts. Have you looked at how many companies have moved here? Have expanded here? Will come here? Will be started here? Are you able to accurately predict how the UK may become a more attractive proposition to external investment? Or are you just parroting the remoaner points that have already lost the argument?
“Doesn’t have economic power…” – yes we do. We just choose to waste our economic power on subsidising wasters in society, an over bloated & poorly run health service and then “Foreign Aid” – £14B to for a Ugandan PM to feather his nest, a Brazilian fitness chain, a Mexican tourist resort and cable TV in Kyrgyzstan.  
“Prestige through the EU” – There are no words for this… I’ll just take the easy route and say – you lost. Live with it or move to Europe. Quit your moaning.
“Defence based on real needs” – on this, we agree. I doubt we would agree on what those needs are though. I think we “need” to have powerful armed forces in order to have an influence in the world, promote democratic ideals, the rule of law and push back against people committing genocide and violating international agreements.
Honestly, moaning people like you that offer no solutions, only criticism based on whatever you heard that day on twitter ARE the problem. Incapable of thinking for yourself, just poo-poo everything because it’s not in line with what you’re told to think. If you don’t like Britain, the fact we left the EU or what we aspire to be, there are 194 other countries to choose from. There is no barbed wire at the border nor any social credit system stopping you getting a passport and buggering off.


Sorry to burst your bubble but the moon landings were faked lol, however the Saturn Focket van Braun designed was a great achievement and the astronauts still flew into space so amazing achievement for bak then but just low earth orbit fir them though.


Funny, and there are no petrol shortages, amuck buying was a problem, and driver shortage, but we have the petrol.

Bloke down the pub

I wonder if the experience of the USMC pilots operating fron QNLZ will affect the US attitude towards ski-jumps?

dick van dyke

Probably no different than the inter operability of the Harriers I guess.


wouldn’t we all love to read the report on RN v USN/USM methods … ?


I think they would prefer the extra helicopter spot instead. And They have supercarriers afterall.


Ski- jump allows a greater takeoff weight than the ‘flat decks’
Anyway with a STO takeoff area, you cant park anything there at all.

dick van dyke

Such a fascinating and informative article, It shows just how well the RN can operate with so many partners Globally and with such a powerful message, now lets Grow from there.


“Planned participation by RAF Typhoons and a Voyager tanker was cancelled due to the complexities of COVID restrictions at airbases in Asia.”

The carrier proves its value once again. Deploy to 70% of the world, no permission required.


Great pics. Would be great if we had f35s capable of buddy to buddy refuelling giving our carriers even better capabilitys. Wonder if the USMC will have this capabilty on f35b in future.