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your opening paragraphs are a very fair assessment … the photos are a timely reminder how the Royal Navy, despite many challenges are able to deploy in a wide range of roles and tasks. Well done to all that serve and thank you to STRN for bringing this to our attention.


One ship can only be in one place at one time. Less ships, less presence

Len Newman

I think you meant Feb 2018 ! The Royal Navy doing what it does best around the world.


All that going on and heaps of ships with no crew sitting in the dockyard.Perhaps the RN has more money than it knows what to do with?


Yeah right, that is obviously the problem, well done.


In the finest traditions of the service.


Wow! I take my hat off to the RN crew, who despite increasingly hard-hitting cuts, still perform and maintain the highest traditions of the Service. Makes you very proud to be British, when you see the fine ships that we have sailing around the globe!


Hi guys

Do my eyes decieve me or is HMS Somerset missing her 8 x Harpoon forward of the bridge? Either way, yet again, the RN are doing an outstanding job, despite the massive limitations that have been directly and indirectly applied by our pathetic political classes.


Harpoon is retired now friend gotta wait till 2020 for sea venom to be equipped but it still has its 4.5 naval gun to defend its self and sea captor


Dylan it’s not retired, it’s been extended to 2020 mate.


Question for Navy Lookout. Why are the Bay Class ships in the R.F.A? Are they not warships with a combat role. Seems to me that is R.N. territory. Please explain this to us who are not ex-R.N.


Thanks for this post, it has been extremely helpful for my AIB preparation!


The RFA ships are not Royal Navy we are civilian maned ships


Hello Surfglobe, yes I know the RFA is civilian manned. Isn’t it the role of the RFA to replenish Royal Navy ships? The Bay Class appear to be warships and therefor should be H.M.S.
I’m not trying to be disrespectful I’m just trying to understand why these ships are not part of the Navy. Just wondering what the logical reason is.


RFAs ships are constructed to merchant ship standards, civilian manned and usually more lightly armed than warships. The Bay class are auxiliary landing ships designed to provide logistic support to an amphibious assault. (ie. deliver additional stores and equipment to support the RN vessels conducting the main assault). However, as the fleet is ever more stretched, the distinction between the roles of RN and RFAs is becoming increasingly blurred. The Bay class are now used for all kinds of work in addition to their prime role. Eg Cardigan Bay is forward deployed in the Gulf supporting minehunters and Mounts Bay in the Carribean on disaster relief and anti-narcotics patrols.


Thank you for clarifing

Ian Willis

This article shows a healthy RN taking part in a variety of activities across the world.

There should be no more calls from STRN to increase expenditure. In fact cuts are in order. We don’t need ships in the Arabian Sea when the NHS is at breaking point. Priorities, people!


The thing is Ian, if you get out a map and put a finger on the Arabian sea and trace it back to Blighty, you’ll see that it is right on a SLOC (“sea line of control”) for the transport of Hydrocarbons from the middle East, and finished goods from Asia, back to the UK. Disruption in the Arabian sea could cause problems for us.

Those problems could cause an economic contraction in the UK, reducing the tax take, and causing a reduction in funding to the NHS. I think it’s reasonable for the world’s fifth largest economy modestly to increase its “insurance policy” against all of the instability in this part of the world, don’t you?


This is largely about the poor decisions and control of our elected leaders. This in turn stems from
the myopic MSM and lack of positive vision at many levels of society. I think the services have been taken for granted.

Tim Clarke

Germany and Japan from a very low base of course.

I am more worried about the proportion of defence spending soaked up by the MOD an non-essential ancillary activities.


Is there always at least one CVF berthed at Portsmouth?