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No LPH in RN.

Party of defence

First duty of Gov blah blah blah


They are a shower and we still seem unable get the most of what we buy. Ocean has been a great ship and proved very valuable to the country. We all know the financial/manpower pressures but a few more years could have been squeezed out of her.
I hope her legacy is not forgotten and we remember what you can achieve without spending a fortune on gold plating everything you buy. She and the Bays have been fantastic servants.
Her one last gift I hope is the retention of the LPDs. Long term two 25,000t cost effectively built LHDs to replace the LPDs would get us back the dedicated amphibious airborne and sealift we require.

Captain Nemo

Sorry to go armchair admiral but I wonder if we’ll get some joined up thinking on this.
We’re not getting a replacement for Ocean but it’s within our means not to have to rely on a carrier for the job; A single class of a dozen ships over twenty five years to replace the Fort class, Argus, Bay class, Albion class, Wave class and finally Tide class, would sit neatly in the RFA, it might even amount to an industrial strategy.
Karel Doorman springs to mind obviously, but Gabrielle at UKAFC threw some ideas around in 2013:


Bloody hell. I was cross decked to Ocean from Fearless after a minor problem on the mighty F (engine space gutted by a fire). She was having teething problems and on the way to Sierra Leone she had a few total power loss events. That does not feel like a long time ago for me.
I am very sad that the government have let the senior service down in this. Another ten years from her would be well worth the cost.


Yet another major warship bites the dust before its time, just as two new shiny white elephant carriers get ready to set sail and further bankrupt the navy.

Alastair Knowles

Again I think government is being short sighted hms ocean has just had a 64 million refit of our tax payers money . And now they want to scrap her, it does not add up, questions need to be answered. It feel like easy come easy go policy. With our money, The government is more interested getting the brexit through and have forgot about GB, We will not have Carrier cover until 2020 will we borrow someone carrier when needed.