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Dave Taskis

Please follow the link above, for a detailed timeline of Type 42 Destroyers, to amplify this article


I like the City class names of the Type 42’s but I hope the Type 26’s will be a new Battle class.

Names are important in many ways and certainly city named RN ships have an illustrious past. However the RN is replete with famous victories and to educate the sailors in these is important. So how about a new HMS Saintes, HMS Matapan, HMS Falklands , HMS Narvik or even HMS Glorious First of June? Not PC is it? So what I say.

Kangaroo Dons

HMS Edinburg was decomissioned 36 months after a £17.5 million refit. this to me, is an utter waste of money. if RN know’s there are plans to decomm her, why then waste the money and effort refitting her? the refit should have extended her life by another 10 years. this simply baffles me!


Not as bad as the scrapping of HMS Victorious. Complete refit, minor fire on board, cancel recommissioning ceremony, pay-off, scrap. This in the space of less than 18 months!