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It is apparently no longer deemed necessary for RN History to be taught at Dartmouth. This to my mind as an amateur Naval Historian is a disaster. The RN an extraordinary history filled with great bravery and endeavour often in the face of great odds.

If there is going to be no official history then surely the answer is for the formation of an unofficial historical branch or society to be formed within the RN. This could be available to both Officers and Warrant Officers. When I was at school we had societies which covered a whole range of subjects which often covered the gaps in the school’s official curriculum. Which the huge advances in on line learning and blogging there is a great potential for this to take root.

The saying is if you ignore the lessons of the past you repeat them often at great cost (in lives and treasure).
It seems to me great lessons from the RN’s past are being forgotten. I am surprised there is not a more outspoken critique of for instance the RAF presence in the Carriers or of the lack of offensive weaponry in so many crucial fields. When there was massive disarmament in the 1920’s and 30’s there were a remnant of forward thinking sailors and others who kept the flame of innovation and good practice alive. The opportunity today for this thinking is more necessary than ever. Who will step forward to take up the torch?