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Hero’s all. We need to remember them every year. Next slot is not far away.


God bless our armed forces who willingly put their lives on the line to protect our people and enable us to live in freedom and make of life as we can.


One of Ardent or Acasta (Acasta?) scored a torpedo hit on Scharnhorst causing a fair bit of damage.
The Armed Merchant Cruisers Rawalpindi and Jervis Bay are two other examples of terrific heroism in the face of overwhelming odds.


So too the trawler HMT Juniper who faced up to the Hipper (with only a 12lb gun!) and was lost the same day as Ardent and Acaster.

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Exeter, Encounter and USS Pope in the Java Sea 1942.


Indeed. I could also mention, HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales. Along with so many others. We should all remember those that paid the ultimate price whilst Unarmed and Defenceless too. The Merchant Navy.


Agreed, HMS Folyebank or my great uncles resting place, HMS Loyality. Bless them all.

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Another small boat action which is often overlooked which had a VC awarded for Temp Lieutenant Thomas Wilkinson of HMS Li Wo , a former Yangtze river steamer around 700 tons, who single handedly attacked an escorted Japanese troop convoy. image


Bigger Main Gun than a Type 31.


Quieter acoustic signature too probably.


A triple expansion steam engine against a modern acoustic propellers and machinery on rubber mounted sub frames?
Im stunned this is the level of trashy comment on this sort of post, considering its about the overwhelming bravery shown against incredible odds.


I am stunned you are taking gentle throwaway comments so seriously.

You are arrogant person with no social graces or awareness.


Its the fire control system that matters. No comparison between radar controlled and automated guns with that era manual controls and on mount gun sights.
A 57 mm gun on the T31 can fire 100 rounds in 30 sec. More likely to use air bursts of 4 to 5 rounds on each of say 15 small high speed boat targets


It wasn’t a serious comment.


I was merely comparing Gun Sizes on the 700 ton converted ferry compared with the 6500 ton Type 31, 80 years on.


I think he was more keen to play Top Trumps than anything else. And shout ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ on a thread that should have been nice and quiet.

Really this site would benefit from comments being switched off.


Can’t see any reason whatsoever for getting uptight.


Me or him?


Duker …….. It just seemed a bit out of kilter.


Down Voters back !


I don’t get it either. Too many nutters here.


lead the way senor X


The gun on a T31 can’t fire anything because none have been built yet. On that basis the converted steamer wins. 🙂


Oh The Nonsequiter Brigade, Twit battalion has arrived


Imagine knowing your about to sink your ships deliberately in those water….


Some of the crew were survivors from Repulse and POW too.


When you go down to the bottom of a ship and put your hand on a hull plate and feel the cold and you realise there isn’t much between you and a lot of water and then is a long climb back to fresh air……….


Lt Cdr Roope remains the only recipient of the VC to be awarded on the basis of the request of the enemy at the time. Ardent and Acasta were honoured on board Scharnhorst with two mess decks being named after them.


Michael, Where did you get that bit of information from? As I would like to follow it up, cheers.


Mr Putin’s standing was increasing in young Latvians identifying as Russians back from 2014 – 2018.

May 9th was coming round and I asked what they were celebrating; they said the Russian/Soviet soldiers who defeated Hitler and brought Freedom to Latvia (sic) and the rest of Europe.

Will you remember the allied soldiers from the West who gave their lives for your freedoms, to supply food to your grandparents? Arms, ammunition, tanks, planes et al supplied to your soldiers?

Collective no.

Oh, that’s OK – here’s a clip about the arctic convoys and one ship in particular…

They were a bit shocked, no one in the school, in their homes had ever shown them the sacrifice made by combined allied navies to supply the Soviets; and I still have friends from those students although a few dismissed it as fake news.


I wonder if they also celebrated Uncle Jo’s purging of military commanders leading up to the war, the Soviet German non-aggression pact, Soviet annexation of eastern Poland and the purges of Poles in the Soviet zone, the refusal of Stalin to listen to warnings of the imminent German invasion and the incompetent strategic management of Soviet forces in the early weeks after they entered the war resulting in the loss of whole armies which were encircled.


The part of eastern Poland was mostly beyond the Curzon line territory awarded Poland in Versailles treaty of 1919
It was taken by conquest by Poland during the Russian Polish wars of the 1919-21 under the Treaty of Riga
Poland also took some territory after the Munich agreement which led to dismemberment of Czechoslovakia