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Captain P Wash

Lest we forget.


There is a lesson here for modern British military and geopolitical policy. Don’t make military decisions for political reasons. Don’t send an underequipped force in aid to an impossible strategic vision that does not correlate to reality. Don’t underestimate the enemy.

Maybe our politicians should remember this tragedy before picking a fight in China’s backyard with a navy that has too few hulls to make any impact.


All major military decisions are political. Yesterday’s lesson was to remember the cost.

It’s a good thing that our politicians feel duty bound to attend services and lay wreaths. Lord help us if they stop.

stephen ball

Are you a shai or sunni, have you had your 30year war.

Alan Matthews

I researched the background as to why the ships were sent to Singapore many years ago. I came to the personal conclusion that it rested solely on the UK appeasing earlier US objections to the ABD agreement, which was drawn up, in the belief / hope, that it would thwart future Japanese aggression.

M. Tanaka

We never forget. RIP all lost in the battle.