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Very Concerned

What a stirring story of enormous sacrifice on an every day basis. We certainly must be remembering these people all the time but today in particular.


What a great ship and crew.
Sadly this war grave was destroyed sometime before 2016 by illegal salvaging in what is now Indonesian waters.
Semper Fidelis


Its often only the major warships covered for the aftermath of the fall of Singapore

However lets not forget HMS Li-Wo, a requisitioned former Yangtze river steamer of 700 tons which was also being used in the evacuation from Singapore

On the afternoon of February 14 Li-Wo was passing north of the Bangka Strait when smoke appeared on the horizon. It came from a Japanese convoy en route to invade Sumatra, escorted by the 5,660-ton light cruiser Yura and two 2,000-ton destroyers, Fubuki and Asagiri.

Under the circumstances Wilkinson had only two rational options: surrender or make a run for it. Instead, he addressed his crew: “A Jap convoy is ahead. I am going to attack it. We will take as many of those Jap bastards as possible with us.”

HMS Li-Wo, its battle ensign flying and its single puny deck gun blazing, made straight for the nearest transport.

The one sided battle lasted an hour

HMS Li-Wo became the most highly decorated small ship in British naval history.

Heading the list of honorees was Temporary Lieutenant Thomas Wilkinson of the Royal Naval Reserve. Awarded the Victoria Cross, as his citation reads, “in recognition of the heroism and self-sacrifice displayed not only by himself but by all who fought and died with him.”


Remembering the amazing courage shown by the Royal Navy during WW2 and in particular those many one sided actions fought to the end.
Notwithstanding we should be always be thankful to the RN for its continuing sacrifice and service to the Nation.