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Im amazed she can’t dock in portsmouth, or can she? with all the dredging for the QE class and also the QEs seem to fit in ok, The difference I don’t think is that substantial, what is the draft difference between the QEs and the Nimitz classes?


Doesn’t it also have to do with her being nuclear powered?


I was wondering that but it’s not as of the UK is anti nuclear, we have a lot of subs that are nuclear powered, I dont see why it’s a problem, and I’m sure there have been nuclear subs in Portsmouth before.


Arent the Nimitz class only a few feet wider in the hull? All in all, I think it is what they are used to and more convenient and easier to do in all fairness. SS Normandie never docked at Southampton etc…


QE are 36ft and
Nimitz are 37ft draught. I thought she would fit in as well. I mean she could probable sail in but could she turn round to come out again.


Don’t know why the truman didn’t go into Milford Haven. U get super tankers twice her size in there.

Nigel Shier

Portsmouth v Milford Haven I wonder why lol

Michael McGuffin

Wonderful piece and great pictures of the Truman. I have no doubt Captain Dienna is sincere in his comments regarding the Royal Navy since most of our technology was developed by the RN. Also, Admiral Black’s comments are much appreciated. I feel the US Navy has always counted on and appreciates the RN having their back. Let’s hope US service men and women are not too rowdy when visiting Portsmouth. I enjoyed the stories of RN sailors being arrested in Florida for behavior that is as old seafaring itself. Glad to see the RN with naval aviation once again.

John Smith



These ships are impressive but as the new Truman ships, they look dated. Just an observation, but the latest US carriers are not, but look it. They look old, but how far can you go? Still brilliant ships