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I agree with almost everything you have said, however, you can’t say that with 2 years in RN he is not credible, then quote a journalist with no expert knowledge and 4 days on board saying there are no issues.
In everything else, you make perfect sense.

Adrian Williams

I would like to comment on John’s comment above to the top one of those two years in the Royal Navy Mr McNeil would have been in training and would have not seen all these so called issues!

Mike Armstrong

As an ex-submariner (marine engineer, Polaris), I have read the young lad’s ‘report’ and can confidently say that his ‘report’ is inaccurate and my best guess is that he is either deluded or is being encouraged by other parties who have a clear motive.

jack reacher

When he says moved between countries, probably went to wales.
I really fear for “Jason Bourne’s” mental state. This guy has highlighted nothing out of the ordinary. Accept the toilet roll fire, now that was a close call. And as for the gym, he better not get that removed from boats or I will not be happy! There’s no other f***ing place to put it!!!!

Clem Fandango

From what I understand McNeilly has spent approximately 8 months in the Submarine Service with a year+ undergoing basic and general engineering training at HMS Raleigh and HMS Collingwood. What does worry me is the fact this man seems to be ignorant to the fact that the worse thing that could happen to him is for him to be freed or discharged from the Navy sometime soon. He is likely to serve a very short sentence for highlighting the amount of safety and security planning detailed in this secret book possibly undermining CND’s case that where Trident is concerned there are few safeguards, this document seems to scotch that line.
His impending freedom into society will see him pursued by foreign powers interested i what he may know. This may all sound a bit cloak and dagger but McNeilly is unlikely to be aware of what happens when he is discharged from th RN, a service he volunteered to join and serve. Good luck William, you’ll need it.

Dennis Fautley

Having spent 7 years serving in a Polaris boat in the 1970s I would like to point out that a metal tube operating underwater, filled with electrical and hydraulic equipment, running on a nuclear power plant crammed packed with high explosive and nuclear warheads. Certainly would be an accident waiting to happen in the wrong hands. Thank God therefor for the highly trained and dedicated submariners who make sure these black peacekeepers are a safe as possible. This idiot has let down the whole submarine community with his Micky Mouse story. But hey ” Why let the truth spoil a good story”

Steve Godfrey

As a former member of the Submarine Service and served on the 1st and 2nd commission of the first Polaris Submarine I can only agree that this person had neither the experience nor intelligence to make any comments about the Service which would be intelligible to members and certainly ex-members who served in either Nuclear or Diesel Boats . I am however concerned about the vetting of future Submariners if he is an example . Of course we had occasional ‘adventures’ , that’s why most of us served and in most cases enjoyed our life at sea . Many of us ‘OAPs’ still get together and reminisce about our times on a regular basis , all ranks and rates and have a deep respect for each other . My final word about this Part 3 trainee would be an oft used phrase , ” If you cannot take it , you should not have joined ! “.


McNeill clearly demonstrates that a little knowledge is dangerous. His whole debilitating missive is based on hearsay and tittletattle with very little substantive fact. I completed 15 PoLaris patrols through the 60s to the 80s, yes there were excursions on a large number of systems including the primary one. But, and this is where the truth of highly trained Submariners comes into the equation, each and everyone of the excursions was dealt with by means of SOPs, technical ability and good old submarine nouse. We all returned home safely and maintained the nuclear deterrent safely. I have no doubt that the deterrent is in equally safe and capable hands today as it was in yesteryear.


Having served on Polaris submarines in the eighties through to the nineties as an engineer I can categorically state that the only time it became tense was during a particularly long patrol, we where told that 4 o’clockers was only going to issued every other day man we submariners like our routine nearly caused a mutiny. What this person has done has been pathetic hearsay rumours, an over blown ego let’s hope he gets his just deserts and lives to regret his actions


As a former Submariner of 19 years I witnessed many incidents and near misses which should have been investigated. But the trend then was what happens onboard stays onboard.

Tiny Toy

In his “exposé” McNeilly claims that the MOD tried to cover up the collision between Vanguard and Triomphant on 4 February 2009. However news reports from 16 February detailing the entire event state: “It is MoD policy not to comment on submarine operational matters.” That doesn’t sound like much of a cover-up.


As an ex Royal Marine bandy based in Portsmouth I can back his claim to piss poor security on the gates to Nelson. in the nearly 4 years I was there we had at least 3 occasions with civilians being on base who used credit cards to get on and one of our own guys help another. As for the Subs claims- well????? It’s open to interpretation


His dit was a poorly written set of lies and half truths. He has breached the trust of the RN and his colleagues and should serve a jail sentence for his crimes. There is a correct way to report failings and the press isn’t it.


After spending nearly 15 years in the RN on Swiftsure and Vanguard class submarines as an Artificer and now living out of the RN overseas I can safely say this lad has no idea what he is taking about I never once felt the RN risked health and safety of the crew. This lad has now ruined his career and future jobs, who would employ someone that runs to the papers everytime he thinks something is not right when he is not in the position to comment.

Paul Gunter

Pity Treason is not on the books still.. Everything has hick ups.. everything mechanical needs to be constantly maintained.. The Senior Service has a long and proud history. Its a pity this in experienced mariner did not learn to keep quiet, follow orders and learn.

Stephen Elliott

Quite a few papers quoted him as an “officer. ” Never as long as his arse points downward! 24 years in the RN but no subs: however, I can testify that security at Faslane was always good.


As a wife of an ex diesel submariner this young man is in need of help. All submarines go through intensive testing as well as the men. He obviously has not got the metal to be a submariner. As quoted many times. Submariners are a rare breed. Cometh the man cometh the submariner


Having spent 20 years as a Submariner on Polaris and Nuclear Attack Submarines, of course there were occassions when things didn’t go right, such as fires, bursts and sometimes floods. I appear to be here to tell the tale. WHY? Because submariners take pride in being highly trained and proficient at their job. Why does that eejit think in peacetime submarines take 30 percent more crew. To train them up so they will understand what is going on around them. On a war footing the submarine would only take the required crews, as was the case with the Falklands. Why does the Navy spend a fortune on training Articifers (or whatever they’re called now)? Surprise, surprise to fix equipment that might become defective, like distillers, motor generators and electronic equipment, it is unfortunate that sometimes the resource isn’t available at sea and must wait until alongside for, What is it? A maintenance period. The unfortunate result of this fellas “Report” is that those people who do not understand these vessels will think its dangerous. One assumes that since this man has admitted photographing a CB, whatever its classification, he will be charged with espionage


What a load of crap this pillock has spewed by his report, looks like Walter Mitty has risen again. Who is behind his actions as he has not got the experience and knowledge to understand the full operation of the boat? I wonder it’s it political or is it that he is incompetent and cannot do his job. Whatever if the job was that bad and “dangerous” why do so many brave young men do it. Happy Days.


these discussion about the submarine service is all well and, but why are we in this position, where we have 19 yes 19 submarines laid up at devonport and rosyth including the still in service trafalgar class x3?the whole swiftsure class a few of whom were tomahawk enabled and still WITHDRAWN FROM SERVICE, I HONESTLY DESPAIR OF THE WHOLE R.N. SITUATION. WE HAVE THE ARGUS WITH ITS 100 BED MEDICAL FACILITY DUE FOR DECOMISIONING, WHILE THE DEBATE OF HAVING A HOSPITAL SHIP BUILT. FFFS just paint it white. and keep it going. illustrious for ocean? its a no brainer .maybe even drag bristol into dry dock, rebuild her from the inside out to type 45 standard, get lancaster back to sea pronto arm bulwark and albion properly, bin the f35b and buy back the 72 harriers sold to the u.s for just£180 million