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Another solution would be to order an 8th, even 9th Astute now and squeeze them in before the Successor program gets into full swing. With the Vanguards life-span being stretched into the 2030’s and the capacity to have roughly 3 subs in various stages of construction there are still unanswered questions over how the drumbeat of work at Barrow will be maintained.
If the alternative is to see a slowdown in workflow alleviated by the government forking out hundreds of millions on more make work projects like the current OPV order for the Clyde then i think it’s a bit of a no-brainer.
Finding the additional funds (something like £750 million a pop for boats 5-7) and recruiting 100-200 extra submariners wouldn’t be at all easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible if the determination to boost such a vital capability is present.

Brett Ford

A sorry state of affairs. A token force at best


It is a sorry state of affairs sadly. I like the idea of buying the German boats on licence. Would like to see another British company build them though as opposed to BAE systems, same with the new GP frigates. give BAE some domestic competition.
Would like to think Britain could easily staff up any additional navy numbers given our population, seems the only stumbling block in most defence projects is the politicians.
Would have thought better defence, more jobs and sustaining the steel industry would be an easy sales pitch to the public really.
You wouldn’t kit out your house with expensive goods brag to all your neighbours that your the fifth richest house on the street then Buy a rickety old door for security would you?…

Michael Watson

Again being asked to do much more than the resources available, which is a problem throughout the Navy. I think the idea of purchasing submarines from Germany or build a couple more Astute ‘ s, is good ideas. I assume RN has made these concerns and solutions to the Government?
Sadly, I have little faith in our Government do anything about it.


plas the entire swiftsure fleet, 3 trafalgars ‘laid up at rosyth and devonport. some of the swifts already fitted for tomahawk, its typical MOD farce.


ifbulwark and albion they were armed, properly with an anti air system, rayatheon 116 just£998,000 asroc system, maybe call them anti submarine cruisers


loads of talk on here, ocean, for mistral etc how about a roll on roll off ferry with the super structure remove and a flight deck fitted (its been done before)