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I too looked down the list of what did appear to be land no longer needed until I got to Stonehouse Barracks which clearly still is! This is a very silly and unnecessary closure but sadly typical of the managed decline attitude of British Governments past and present. I have an old copy of the boys book of the navy. In the section on the Royal Marines there is a story of a Marine who when told, while fighting in Korea I believe, to make his own way home if seperated from his unit. Some months later although presumed missing in action he found his way back to the UK and when asked where he regarded as home his response was “Stonehouse Barracks, Plymouth Sir!”
My recollection of the story may not be entirely accurate but you get the gist. It is that kind of intangible asset that Stonehouse represents, the sort of thing money can’t buy and when it comes to the crunch is what saves us.


I know the use symbols is questionable but we do need them. Which is the reason these barracks should be kept operational. They are a symbol of our stability and values. I know people laugh at them but these same people know where to come when there’s trouble; us.


The problem is the mentality behind this closure.
One wonders if the people in charge at the MOD were well disposed (ho ho) or not.
Shutting an organisation from its historic roots is a dangerous game. This is especially true in Britain.
This is true too in the civilian world where the UK yacht building industry has lost ALMOST ALL ITS HISTORIC BOATYARDS TO BLOCKS OF FLATS. Result has been the decimation of boat building in the UK.
How long before Portsmouth is sold off for flats. They have already done it in other places.
There is as you say, a real ‘we’ll never have another major war’ syndrome in the MOD.
With Putin in charge of Russia I would say you had better watch out.

jenny carter

So sad ,sorry I don’t think we should sit down on this. So much history here, including my family, my nan, great nan worked in the barracks, a number of marines and naval personnel also served from our family, I am 71 years of age so you can tell how long ago my great nan served the Royal Marines. They have taken enough of our service men away from Plymouth , so we must fight to keep the Royal Marines here. The barracks would probably be turned into flats that the ordinary people in Plymouth would not be able to afford(like the William Yard). If it came to it maybe the accommodation could be turned into homes for families of injured service men and women. I just hope with all my heart we don’t lose out on so much history, and the brave men and women that fought from stonehouse barracks over many many years.


Sad to see as with many other of the sites mentioned, however the RAF will increase slightly under SDSR, not reduce.


This is disgraceful. It is an out and out act of vandalism by a bunch of Politian’s most of who have never served in any of the armed forces. They need to learn a lesson in the history of our country and the special relationship that our armed forces have with towns like Plymouth. The Royal Marines Depot at Deal in Kent was sold off and is now luxury apartments for the rich who probably know very little of the history of that site.

David Martin

As ever driven by accountants who know the price but not the value.

John Carlin

I may be wrong here but I think the MOD is working to the 10 year rule like they did in the 1930’s


Never trust people in suits…..
Can’t believe what there doing to our armed forces. And still expect them to be 1st class soldiers.
But okay to spend £4 billion to renevate on the houses of parliament, something so wrong here.


I was christened in the Barrecks my father was RSM I became a RM cadet and joined the corps and serve in Stonehouse with 45CDO. We must also remember the long room area the Camber and the area that stretches around eastern kings area of Devil point, is the whole lot being sold off,this a massive area of natural beauty and listed buildings .Dave.

leigh Williams

I am a Vet but not an Ex Marine and have not read the full article but I think a petition via 38 degrees or other online petition is needed.. Best of luck guys


This sale must not go ahead Stonehous barracks is a big part of Plymouths history WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER ROYAL WILLIAM YARD PRIVATE COCK UP!!


They also sold Chelsea Bks. The spiritual home
of all the Guards Regiments. They have no morals when it comes to making money.


The MOD expect our military to be loyal and then they dispose of our heritage. Shame on them.

Harry Bell

Politicians cut the defences, and the same idiots start the wars which they expect to win.Thank you kind sirs.I am a veteran of WW2,RN,Plymouth.


What a shame about stonhouse, I had the privilege of a tour a few months ago, as my father was based there in the 1950s. Its a real shame a redevelopment is going to replace history. But who is going to benefit from it .. not the working class of Plymouth who need affordable homes to buy, but over see investors who want a nice flat to spend a few weekends by the see . It will be just like London, blocks of high rise glass fronted flats starting at 350.000 each. I doubt very much the average mr and mrs smith of Plymouth can afford one…

Julian Edmonds

How would the average politician like it if their Oxbridge college were forced to sell its valuable city centre site and move to a bog standard modern building on the Science Park?