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Iqbal Ahmed

In some circumstances, such as during high intensity operations, cannibalisation of spares can be the most effective way to keep ships at sea. Most of the spares are not major systems of parts.,
You can’t have much strength in depth if you operate on a shoestring budget that may potentially be squeezed further in future.


Mr. Ahmed your comments indicate you are an authority on “cannibalisation of spare parts”. Did you serve in the Royal Navy?, … just wondering.


Is he wrong?


One wonders if the wholesale ‘offshoring’ of much of Britain’s manufacturing capabilities by the ‘job creators’ has contributed to this situation. I am certain we in the USA will face similar problems very soon, if not already. For example, we don’t seem to own a single heavy-lift vessel, nor can we be bothered to build one; so every time we have a ‘John S. McCain’ or other, we are dependent on the good graces of foreigners to get our ship safely to a dockyard. A deplorable situation.