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Glad to hear about boat 7.
With rising tensions, would a batch 2 be within the realms of possibility?


How about ordering boat 8 and another 8 diesel powered patrol subs to
round things out. Once again fantasy Navy I guess.


BAE & Barrow does not have the capacity to build any more Astute boats at the same time as working on the new Dreadnought SSBNs


How much would it cost to double up production rate at Barrow or elsewhere? Why not pre-assemble elsewhere and ship in the sections? U boats constructed that way.


You can’t just double up production rate, every person who works there is a highly skilled specialist that take years to learn their trade and there are only so many of them

Iqbal Ahmed

Britain has no claims to the undersea resources in the Arctic. We handed over our claim to the Canadians, who are situated on the continental shelf. So, while we should train crew to combat Russian subs, I’m less keen on opening another front with Russia.

I hope the police, security services and Whitehall departments get more resources as a result of the Salisbury attack. We need to secure our borders and airports. However, I can’t really see the Russian threat leading to justification for more money for the navy.

As the Lithuanian Fireign Minister stated, Russia views the UK as weak due to Brexit and consequentbisokation. Luton is testing us and our allies. So we need to put more emphasis on diplomacy and stopping Oligarchs using the UK as a playground and financial centre fir their ill gotten gains. Corbin, despite his Russophilia, is not completely wrong to hold the Tories to account for their acceptance of Russian donations.


Of course “you’re not keen on opening another front with Russia” you’re paid by them!


Here we go again! Bore off……………

Gerald Dutch

In years gone by people who committed treason had their heads cut off and stuck on stakes on London Bridge. Fortunately today we live in more civilised times but that doesn’t make it any less acceptable.


Just because he’s wrong doesn’t make his opinion any less valid, nor does it make it treasonous. Unless we’ve somehow become some sort of authoritarian stratocracy without me noticing.

He is wrong though.

Gerald Dutch

It is that sort of moral relativism which has got this nation in the state we’re in now. If you want further guidance as to what is or isn’t treasonous I suggest you read some of the other comments on this website. As for authoritariansim, we do not live in a free speech society, no.

Iqbal Ahmed

What I wrote above is hard nosed realism rather than relativism or treason.

Is it a conicidence that we are undergoing difficult Brexit negotiations and the Russians try this blatant attack to test us and our allies reactions?

Resources should be allocated to the most appropriate departments. This means the Home Office, Police and the security services in order to detect and thwart future Russian troublemaking. The navy would not have prevented Salisbury.

The RN works as part of NATO. It is not expected to do single combat with Russia. Therefore, the current fleet is adequate. My God man, the country can’t afford elderly care, NHS funding or maintain a functioning transport train network. We can I’ll afford a fleet which allows us to ‘project power’ for another Iraq 2.0. Joe public just won’t stomach any substantial increases in the defence budget.


Did I hear you say – “the current fleet is adequate”????????????????
What type of hard nosed realism is this???


Battlecruiser mania. You guys designed this unbalanced fleet.Spend way beyond our means on 2 useless fleet carriers and ludicrously expensive F35b .Commit the future defence budget to this,loads of PFIs and then moan.Thats why there aren’t enough submarines ,no helicopter landing ship and no missiles on the carriers .


nope, need to get your priorities straight.


“7 Astute class submarines is the bare minimum requirement”

I think 10 SSN would be a bare minimum requirement and that ideally there should be 12.

I appreciate the personnel and financial pressures need to be addressed first.

Was an eighth Astute offered at a knock down price at one stage?

Geoffrey Hicking

Assuming that we want to avoid the NEXT generation of subs being halved in number by 50% due to greater technical complexity, I presume that the equivalent of 12 Astutes (7 next gen subs) may be necessary. Quite how we’d find the money is anyone’s guess, but hey ho.


As always with the Navy recruitment and retention are the number one priority. If this problem isn’t solved the Navy will have to be much smaller in 10 years.