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Haa haa haa and so it begins……. good luck with that, old chap


We are definitely better off together.

Also I don’t mind Scotland getting some of the ships, I don’t even mind them getting most of the ships, but not every single one without fail.


The Polish welders, German engine makers, Swedish steel makers, Danish ship designers, American gun makers etc,etc,are not really that bothered which side of the border its all assembled.

A. Smith

The SNP are talking themselves out of thousands of jobs and billions in investment. We should stop skirting around this issue and make plans to move more military assets to England.

Ian Willis

I think the Scots care less about the world stage and more about better domestic governance. Personally, I hope they stay in a fully federal Britain that maintains very close ties to the EU.

A majority of Scots voters (for all parties except Tories) don’t want Nuclear submarines based less than 30 miles from Glasgow. Given Brexit, a future Yes vote is more likely.

In addition, job losses related to Trident have been exaggerated. A Freedom of information request reveals that there’s only 520 civilian jobs at Faslane and Coulport near Helensburgh are directly dependent on Trident.

Finally, if there aren’t any major warships based permanently covering Scotland, it’s hard to argue for the dire military threat posed by Russia in the North Atlantic.


I look forward to scotland going, the retention problem will be eased by no englishman being based in faslane! Everyone i joined up with as an artificer who was forced to go submariner left as soon as they


Horror OPV story @UKDJ .Given the delays and the rumour that HMS Tyne is going to be recommissioned and HMS Forth drydocked this sounds quite serious. This is what happens when you give a greedy company with a highly unionised workforce all the time in world and mountains of cash to build a simple ship. New Labour’s industrial strategy is now a proven disaster.


I’m a supporter of Corbyn because of his socialist views but I can never find myself properly committed to either the Labour Party or the British communist party because of their views on the navy it is this countries single most important established and should remain second only to the us


Gavin Williamson, are you reading any of this?Save the Royal Navy is in favour of the insanely out of balance fleet carriers and a lot of its readers are in favour of buying big expensive guns so that they can be outranged by missiles. But you could still learn a lot about industrial strategy and the suicidal political decisions that have got us into this mess.Its almost as someone is trying to destroy us and waste all of our money by forcing us to make the worst possible decisions.


God, It’s hard not to rant!


Actually it’s trying to keep numbers up and ensure a balanced capability and up to date effective tech. Fleet carriers are no use without numerous and effective escort something this country does not have and something this website constantly pushes for

Iqbal Ahmed

Don’t worry,SavetheRoyalNavy don’t represent majority opinion in the UK. Even on the political right.

The government is unlikely to plump for the 3% GDP increase in defence spend from the current barely 2% to buy new equipment. It would be political suicide.


Now more than ever the UK Government needs to negotiate a thirty-year lease of Faslane in order that the Royal Navy can plan for the future. A thirty-year lease (enacted on independence) would secure the medium-term future, and allow the UK MOD to find an alternative base location. A lease plan would also enable a sizable workforce to be assured of three decades of employment, (no mean achievement for a remote area) and allow the RN to go about its business free from the Damoclian Sword hanging over it. The UK Government would not be bowing to the inevitable by opening negotiations with the Scotish Government, but simply putting aside the nuclear base issue. You could say that such a plan would not work in the SNP’s favour, as the Faslane base is cemented into their key independence manifesto? I would suggest, it might work to their advantage by ensuring the West Highland vote?


Scottish “Independence”???
Nicola Sturgeon of the so called SNP wants to transfer Scotland from Westminster – to the Federalist Brussels EU parliament. Which BTW nobody except politicians asked for. Transfer to Brussels is not independence.
Remember what the people voted for was a “Common Market” – Not more bureaucracy and 100’s of foreign bureaucrats running our country.

Defense Today?
What defense?
There is NO Navy left.
Aircraft Carriers with NO aircraft?
And if they went to sea NO dogs to protect them?
Frigates which are out of Date in hull and in armament?
Destroyers Whose power plants don’t work.
Spares at an all time low because of lack of funding.
Imagine the huge cost of spares for the mythical? fabled? F35???
As for Politicians and the MOD??????
Bring Back Jacky Fisher.
The end is nigh!!
Will we be ready for WWIII???


Scottish independence is inevitable. People need to stop being in denial over it.

It might be next year or next decade – but it is coming.

It is time to begin moving military bases and assets out of Scotland and move them elsewhere.