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criss whicker tring herts

May I say, what you are promised and what you actually end up with, is two entirely different things,
our great leader tells us we are in immediate danger, the world is more unsafe today and more violent,
and our national interests are at stake,
did the SDSR give us any immediate protection from these dangers,
will the British military get anything from this SDSR within the next 24 months
perhaps 5-7 years, or perhaps ten years from now,
so are we really in imidiate danger or not,
and is the government working with our enemies to make sure nothing serious happens for the foreseeable future at least 7-10 years.
just an interested public member


the sale of 30 decommissioned harriers for just 40 million£ is a typical example of muddled thinking at the M.O.D., those aircraft, upgraded and deployed to illustrious, ocean or even the bay class assault ships, would have made a significant saving on the f-35 order th q.e would operate almost twice the aircraft capacity with harriers rather than the f-35.


all the jab,jub around the f-35b i was gobsmacked to hear HMG had sold 40 decommed harriers for just £14 million surely retaining a portion to cover the wait for some american machanic to work out how to hold a screwdriver and actually build an f-35b for us!

greg bartlem

Maybe I am being thick but as far as I can see we aren’t going below 13 frigates as the type 23s will stay in service, though they will get increasingly elderly. They will be replaced like for like with the final 5 eventually being the newer cheaper class.


cancelling the withdrawal of the harrier from the royal navy had not happened would have enabled the new uk carriers to become fully,mission ready far faster the slightly smaller size of the harrier would enable the increase in number the aircraft carried by the two carriers.the saving from the cancellation of the order size for the f-35 jsf would have enabled the fitting of a catobar system(steam catapult) to have been fitted which would have enabled the navy to operate a cheaper, more varied selection of aircraft, even off the shelf 2nd hand carrier capable f-14 and f-16 super hornets e.t.c


I’m not sure I share your optimism about Maritime deployment of F35 necessarily trumping land basing. Can foresee huge behind the scenes inter service bun fights of the all too familiar kind.
And I’d imagine the intial F35 order will divided something like 617 X 12 809 X 12 OCU X 5 17 X 4 sustainment x 9


bun fights at the m.o.d? ee gads sir, the fuzzy wuzzies will want the wheel next!


given the size of the opv as as a platform, i believe that,given the will power,these ships could easily be upgraded to fighting platforms we have the albion class armed with nothing when, as a sizable hul size they could be upgraded with a gun, asw, anti air defence system lrsom (tomahawk) system suitably adapted for a new roll, and in their own rights be included in the line of battle fleet numbers and happen far faster than awaiting for one type 26 (do they really exist?)


as the queen elizabeth is to be the one with all the media, i’ think a n entrance to portsmouth for the first time with american aircraft on board sends entirely the wrong message made in great britain operated by great britain and most of all THE ROYAL NAVY not the u.s. marine corps.


Regarding UAVs, RNs best hope, again, is USMC. The Marine Corps will want credible UAVs to operate independently of CVNs on its LHA/D and has the clout and budget to achieve this. Then we can buy a few!


The silver lining to all this might be the RAF needing to upgrade its maritime strike capability. The 2010 review was a lamentable and frankly shameful business whereby the RAF opted out of any maritime responsibilities at all. This could easily have led to national defeat and humiliation in a skirmish with virtually anyone. It will be interesting to see 617’s days embarked and performance.


From my time working with dark blue and what I have read, personnel wise the RAF/RN system worked well; it was more the headshed side of things were complicated/annoying.


1.5 trillion in debt. Where does the billions to pay for these toys come from.The rich or more food banks.


that s a thought plucked from the corbyn fantasy land! join the real world

David Flandry

As an American fan of the RN, I’m concerned about putting all the eggs into two golden gooses-the QE class aircraft carriers. A determined foe could sink or incapacitate the heart of the Royal Navy.

marcus farrington

The RN has managed without F/W carrier aircraft for about 5 years now.They may get 1 squadron of f35 on a carrier and flying by 2020/2021.So the uk could take delivery of QE in2017,send it to usa,haveEMALS fitted,buy 40 Super Hornets,fixed wing AEW etc and retrain the crew to do CATOBAR.We pay for it by a one year moratorium on overseas aid.SIMPLES!!


an f-35 should operate from bulwark/albion/ocean.having ships big enough but not not maximising the potential is nonsensical, the opv should be adapted for asw duties and used in a corvette/light frigate capacity.


agred the nation has become the’ soup kitchen’ of the world anyway billions thrown into the inept, corrupt black holecontinent of africa. we should as a nation become more isolationist and divert this windfall to home issues