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Another incredibly well researched and fascinating article!! ??


Hats off to anyone involved in Sub rescue or employed in a sub. Parts of this excellent article made me feel quite claustrophobic despite the fact I’m just sitting at my desk.
So thanks ladies and gentlemen of the silent service.

captain p wash

It’s something we as a nation do well…. rescueing people in danger, whether by Hellicoptor, submersible, Aeroplane or like 80 years ago, “Small Boats” ……

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John Hartley

The Indian Shishumar submarines had an IKL rescue sphere, capable of evacuating the whole crew. Future RN subs ought to be designed with “escape pods”.


Soviet / Russian submarines do so too. Probably why the Indians included it in the Shishumar.

John Clark

Certainly the Russian designed and operated boats probably have a greater need for escape systems, far higher chance of them needing it!


What is that? A separable pressurised section of the submarine that can surface independently? It sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder what the trade-offs are.

And now that’s got me wondering. Do submariners normally work at 1 atmosphere?

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If you go to Covert Shores and look at some of the Russian / Soviet cutaways you will seem examples of these capsules.


Really interesting article, thank you gents!
Having worked offshore on DSVs and other support vessels and seeing their utility, it’s interesting to see how they have optimised the system to be fitted to any one of thousands of these vessels- in many ways far better than having a single dedicated vessel.

Mike O

Excellent article. I am sure it gives some peace of mind to the submariners.