The Surface, Air and Seabed Warfare (SASW) conference, 2024

Transiting capability gaps with technological solutions: meeting the requirements of tomorrow’s navies

Portsmouth Marriott Hotel, UK
18 – 19 June 2024

The Surface, Air and Seabed Warfare (SASW) conference, will focus on how warships, as a platform, can be augmented by technology and operate as a key asset across the multi-domain battlespace. Considering evolving threats, with the increasing potential of higher intensity conflict, as well as contemporary challenges like the threat of autonomous systems, hypersonic capabilities, and securing critical undersea infrastructure.


  • how to address leaps in technological development
  • increasing endurance and survivability in highly contested environments
  • lean-manning concepts alongside Manned-Unmanned Teaming
  • evolving threats, projecting naval capability across domains.

With the naval vessel market size estimated to grow to $206.43 billion by 2029, SASW 2024 will provide a valuable forum for those with a stake in how future warships will develop to meet the challenge.

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