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Iqbal Ahmed

Fun fact, HMS Venturer is the only submarine to sink another submarine while both were submerged. On 9 Feb 1945, she sank U-864 off Norway. U-864 was carrying advanced war material fir their Japanese allies like jet aircraft parts.

I’m surprised more submarines haven’t sunk each other in war but warfare between nations possessing submarines post WW2 are thankfully quite rare.

Iain Ballantyne

That fun fact is indeed in there – and Venturer sank U-771 too in the same waters (though that German boat was surfaced).

Geoffrey Hicking

Does he comment on the future of submarine warfare beyond the last sentence you have quoted? Anything on submersible drones and such, or is it exclusively a history monograph?

Iain Ballantyne

As you can imagine it covers a vast span of time, from the Ancients to the latter part of last year, so some things are not in there and submersible drones did not make it. There is of course a look at how submarines are shaping up (at the very end of the book) and likely flashpoints so it’s a case of a brief study of near to medium future of sub warfare, but yes, the bulk is about milestone wars/campaigns/others events and key people. Pop down to your local bookshop and take a look at it to see if it takes your fancy…or not.